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    So when no on in this area played Warhammer. (Well 2 of them look at 1st edition) They asked me to dm(Which I have zero experience). So I started with Thousand Thrones.

    Boy did i had to change the story quite a bit since I had no read and write people and when they were traveling under the city. Boy did the same dwarf fell in the pit, touch the spores and both of them got Ulric’s Fiery. So they had to spend the night at the hospital 2 times for several days -.-. But when it comes to the demon slug thing. The dwarf ulric’s fiery it :-p. I so wanted to eat him up to =/

    Thanks hal for introducing me to this exciting series. Someone else is going to dm. They are playing a 1st edition campiegn with 2nd rules. Do you know how hard to become a merchant. WOW Buy a store, warehouse and have 1k gc on you. So looks like ima go artisan if I get the 100gc(+ 2 trade tools).

    Lucky I was the only one who rolled a read/write class the Tradesman. Trying to play a foriegn tourist(Couldn’t think off the bat of a country) one at that :-p. Hard to get all excited about simple things in this land =D

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