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    The party take a brief moment to heal their wounds a little and continue down the sewer. The encounter a horrid Beast of Nurgle (as well as getting their first brush with the Terror rules) and discover some information in the abandoned temple it was guarding.

    After presenting the information to their Patron they are asked to follow the Crusade of the Child as it appears that servants of the Ruinous Powers have some kind of plan for him.

    Ulrich has some very strange dreams in which he accepts a strange offer and something very very strange and interesting develops as a result 😛

    Warhammer: The Thousand Thrones Session 7

    Filesize: 78MB

    EPICs Podcast Updated!

    Let me know what you think folks 🙂


    Hal :hal:

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    Thank you Hal, Lindsay and the Long Tall Texas. 😀

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    Nice, more Warhammer goodness!

    Thanks, this will bring much happines to my workday tomorrow. 🙂



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    Woot! Thanks, everyone.

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    Lurkers falling out of the rafters today.

    Welcome, Tonpa! 😀

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    Thank you, Mr. Hal. Acquiring interesting session…now.

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    Hal wrote:
    Beast of Nurgle

    What psycho wrote this adventure? That’s sort of what you’d call (in d20 terms) not a l”evel appropriate challenge” for characters on their first carreer. I can expect carnage and then some.

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    Hal, I’m hurt that you claim that Bose headphones are $600. The most expensive commercial noise-cancelers we have are only $350. 🙂 And it looks like we’re having a Dollars-Off-Promotion on them, too (that’s snooty Bose-talk for “a sale.”) 🙄

    As for Chris’ Headphone Dynamic Range Stress Testing (CHDRST)… I dunno if we can get a compressor to react fast enough for the likes of ‘BEAR!!!!!’ to keep either speaker or eardrum damage from occurring. I’m afraid some things are just impossible… 😛

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    lol i don’t care if its the elven healer, or the thug mutant, ned always has that way of making my laugh.

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    Anyone want to post updated character art for Ulrich?

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    What’re the odds, though, that THAT’s the one he’d get? Honestly, his call-off sign? Well, sort of? A million to one…

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    Hearing Ned say Boobies after the dream-induced-breast-augmentation made me laugh. . . very loud in a room full of strangers.

    It was quite possibly the funniest thing in all of Pennsylvania today.

    I was surprised to find myself laughing so loud that I had forgotten that I could hear the joke and that noone else could! . . . Or for that matter, would even understand the joke to begin with!

    Classic ! ! !

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    I loved this episode. What an appropriate mutation!

    I’m a bit sad Ruben died so quickly. I was enjoying the character. But he really had to die. That’s what happens to mutants – begging your pardon, mister single-boobied person.

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    I am really enjoying the Warhammer sessions! Sounds like the crew is too. So much so I might pick up the rules and have a read.

    Was it just me or did it sound like someone had their mobile phone a little too close the the sound recorder throughout parts of this session?

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