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    File Name: Victoriana Session 01

    File Submitter: BigJackBrass

    File Submitted: 28 Apr 2012

    File Category: Victoriana

    Genre: Victoriana

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    It’s a nice day for a White Wedding…

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    Victoriana 1st Edition session 01: A White Wedding



    Join Whartson Hall as we venture into Victoriana, originally published by Heresy Gaming and now available from Cubicle 7, who also produce the 2nd edition. This 1st edition version uses the Fuzion game engine.

    In an alternative England of 1867 society is a divisive, clearly ordered matter, where class dictates every part of daily life. For the lower classes that life is short and brutal, but even for our characters, members of society’s more privileged upper strata, real freedom is a luxury enjoyed by a very few. The adventure begins as they attend a concert in the park at the request of a certain Professor E., who has had to leave London abruptly on a perilous quest to far-flung exotic lands; and surely nobody could possibly get into any trouble at a concert?

    Particular thanks to explorer, scientist, exotic dancer and Splendid Fellow Professor Elemental who has very kindly allowed us to use his music for our Victorian and steampunk games. Naturally a gentleman hesitates to discuss anything so base as money, but should you care to cast your glance in the direction of the Professor’s delightful website and emporium you will find not only additional information but also a wide selection of musical fancies at very reasonable prices, available for you to download and enjoy. Now that’s what I call Victorian value!

    The Players:

    Jon: The GM

    The Lovely Emma: Mrs Sophia Degrange

    Sara: Montgomery Crouch

    John (Weasel): Ebeneezer Crump

    Martin: Mallows

    Ross: “Indian Jack” Seabeast
    The Intro and the Outro for this session were taken from Quest for the Golden Frog by Professor Elemental and used with permission.


    Huzzah! 🙂

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    An old cross-over comic strip, where the Fashionista Gamers (AKA Mor’kil & friends, from the Carrion Crown game) visited Whartson Hall. (Reposted here because of all the Whartsie Victoriana characters who appear in the strip.)



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    Ah yes, I remember that story well. The comic does kind of seem accurate too. 😀

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    No doubt both @[member=”BigJackBrass”] and the good professor Elemental would agree:



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