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    • Treant is a privately owned English Language site, run by fans of roleplaying and gaming of all kinds. It has no official affiliation to any RPG companies. Material presented here should be considered unofficial.

    The site is intended to be enjoyed by individuals ages 13 and over, and may contain content of a mature nature. Please bear this in mind when using the site.

    Regarding the forums:

    Posts deemed inappropriate (e.g. of an irrelevant sexual or violent nature, or those believed likely to offend) will be removed. This also extends to usernames and user profile information.

    Try to create ‘positive’ topics. Avoid setting up a topic where the object is to denigrate any product or person. Often such constructive criticism starts out pleasantly, but all to often deteriorates into a repository of hateful opinions. In other words, topics such as “What is your favourite scenario?” is more pleasant discussion than “What is the worst scenario of all time?”.

    The spark that often ignites a ‘flame war’ is one where opinion is stated as absolute fact. Try to avoid falling into this trap.

    ‘Trolling’, or trying to instigate bad feeling or argument for no reason, will be viewed in a very bad light by Moderators. The offenders IP address will be recorded and if they continue they will be reported to their provider for misuse. They will also have their accounts terminated without notice.

    ‘Thread Necromancy’, or bouncing ancient posts from the vaults, should be avoided where possible unless you have something cool to add.

    Blantant company advertising posts will be deleted without warning. You are free to discuss your products, but please do not just post ads. If you are interested in advertising, send me and email or private message to disucss your needs and the options we have.

    Shameless self promotion of personal projects or anything to the detriment of the site or the forums will not be tolerated. A warning will be issued and if not adhered to all posts will be deleted without warning and the user may risk a full IP ban. Self promotion includes the pointless bouncing of threads, the use of the site as a springboard for projects without contribution to the site community and interrupting the “flow” of the site in general.

    Posts associated with a username are assumed to be from the individual who registered the account. If this is not the case it should be made explicit in the post. Spoofing of people’s usernames should be reported.

    On an associated point, do not use multiple accounts to generate traffic/discussion. Any user found to be using a secondary account/alias/sock puppet will have all their accounts terminated without notice.

    Play-by-Post games in the forums are not currently allowed. This is due to the resources required, their relatively high abandonment and the dilution of discussion topics in the forum search engine.

    When posting images for display, please keep an eye on the file size. It doesn’t affect our bandwidth, but large files will mean a long wait for dial-up users.

    Please ensure that your topics have meaningful titles that will mean something to anyone searching the forums. Also that your post is made in the most suitable forum area.

    If you’re planning on starting a new topic, it’s always worth conducting a search to see if a similar discussion has been raised before.

    Moderators have the right to close or delete topics at their discretion.

    Disputes should be taken up with the site owner (Hal).

    If you believe your words could be misunderstood, you can always use emoticons to help clarify.

    In essence, please be civil, an admirable trait and often the best way to make your point understood and respected. Following these guidelines will help maintain and grow as a resource for fans of roleplaying and gaming of all kinds, which is something I hope we would all want.


    The remit of civility also extends to the Comments system. Please refrain from posting material that could possibly throw into a bad light. It is difficult for us to argue ourselves as “impersonal carriers of information” when our forums are actively moderated and these User Guidelines exist. So what you say also reflects on us.

    Thank you.


    User Guidelines v.1.0

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