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    (I decided to put this in here because I wasn’t sure where else to put it. There isn’t really a FAQ.)

    I’m avoiding work right now, and a bit bored, so I thought I’d mention a couple of pieces of software which I find useful.

    MP3 Splitter Lite.

    Whenever I go to listen to any podcast I split it into two minute chunks. The reason for this is that my portable mp3 player is a very cheap generic model. Whenever I push pause I have one minute grace period before my player turns itself off. When I turn it back on again to resume play; it plays from the beginning of whatever file I was last listening to.

    Splitting the files into two minute chunks (and putting each session into its own directory within the player) means that I can resume listening to a given episode with minimal repetition. In fact, I started looking for an mp3 splitter pretty much immediately after I first started listening to game session audio.

    I simply could manage listening to gaming audio, or podcasts in general without this tool.


    Sometimes the audio ends up being too quiet. I don’t think that it’s much of a problem for the general release audio (since they’re processed by Hal to make them easy to listen to). However, some of the patron raws are hard to hear. I walk to University listening to the audios. Whenever I’m walking down a busy road I can barely hear the voices (in my head). MP3Gain easily allows the volume of the original mp3 file to be increased.

    I personally don’t find this quite as handy as an MP3 Splitter, but it is useful of occasion.

    (Note: I realise I should probably put some links to these, but any google search should find either of them.)

    Is there any other free software out there that people find useful?

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