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    A little more classic sci fi gaming…

    Traveller: Secrets of the Ancients Session 13

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    LightPagoda wrote:
    The crew meets the locals at their next port of call. The paranoia that follows is staggering.

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    Hal :hal:

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    “I’m not choosy about my vittles.”

    “You see another little pedestal with the familiar teleporter buttons.”

    “SWEET! Let’s see where it goes.”

    “This one has three buttons.”

    “Ah, given the way our GM does maths, that means we’ve got about… 1.12 million combinations.”

    “The aliens were reading our minds to find a habitable planet?”

    “Not cool – not cool – not cool – they like this one.”

    “Hey, imagine if they had read Byron’s soul.”

    “Dear gawd, no! Put the penis gawd away!”

    “You played a game with a stat called Anal Circumference?!”

    “You wanna ease it in, not ram it in – like a gentleman.”

    “Now I’m thinking of the most recent Carrion Crown episode with Gilbert, he had a monologue like that.”

    “Kinda like the Tenacious D song? The ‘Fuck her softly’ song?”

    “I had to make a Dex roll just to pull my weapon? I don’t wanna fight, now – I’ve been deterred!”

    “I shake his hand.”

    “A lobster-claw comes out!”

    “He’s gonna roll on a table to determine what he’s gonna say? Yikes!”

    “You remember that big portal you travelled through? Well, it wasn’t glowing blue the last time you looked.”

    “Oh no! Not blue!

    “It reminds you of Cherenkov radiation – y’know, the kind you get in movies, right before nuclear power plants blow up.”

    “My space suit is still on – did I mention my space suit is still on?”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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