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    Hello all,


    I do believe some introductions are in order.

    TMG is a group that has been running since about the start of the year.  Due to time-restrictions we game once every two weeks (so we won’t be keeping up with the likes of many of the major contributors).  This may be subject to change. 

    Currently our players are not signed in to the website, however I might update this if they do decide to join.


    We are based in Australia and consist of players with mainly DnD experience. We invite you to join us as we figure out the interesting system that is Mouse Guard.

    The system is a heavily modified version of the Burning Wheel developed by Luke Crane.  For a sample of the goodness that is Burning wheel, the strand gamers have an excellent and long running campaign that I highly recommend.  It was however recorded after they established their own site:




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    Excellent @[member=”ScaleGraze”],


    I can’t wait to hear some of your down  under audio

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    Yay! New groups are awesome 🙂 Also, Mouse Guard is awesome!


    Hal :hal:

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