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    Howdy, folks.  So, I found out today that we share a home base with Hal, the great city of Houston.  Hal had mentioned posting our podcast here, so… that’s what I’m doing.

    We’re currently in our second season and just posted our 25th episode.  Speaking of which:



    Long story short: five losers found themselves thrown together by fate when they crossed paths with an eccentric, elderly wizard named Maximillian.  When Max’s journal was pick-pocketed in plain sight, our would-be-heroes jumped into action and rescued his book.  And thus began a beautiful acquaintanceship.  Max’s journal, supposedly, contained information that would cast a ritual to open a portal leading to a maze said to hold incredible treasure.  All Max needed was to recover various artifiacts to cast said ritual.  Enter our lose… er…. Minions.

    Since then, the group has found itself faced with a never-ending series of unfortunate events, some of their own making to be honest, while recovering Max’s artifacts.

    And who are the Minions?

    Kildrek – a dwarven cleric with a crisis of faith; a spiritual leader with no diety… no patience… no clue…  There’s a lot of things Kildrek is without, come to think of it.

    Stasi Xen – a human fighter that believes the best place for a fighter to do their job… is at the rear, usually in retreat, or finding some excuse not to engage the enemy.


    Sting – a pixie rogue of questionable morals and suspect motives… you know, like all rogues; a former soldier burdened with survivor’s guilt and a seething hatred for all things Drow.

    Bullock Borneoake – a human psion; born of a long line of famous treasure hunters who is out to carry on the family tradition… if he can get over his OCD and every phobia known to mankind, that is.


    Dog – a human ranger raised by bears and his various ani-pals:  his bear named Bear, his dog named Dog, and his owlbear named Al Bear.  He’s one part Tarzan, one part Forrest Gump and a total handful.




    There are a host of other characters, NPC, and ne’er-do-wells that have cropped up over the course of our one-plus year long run including:


    Red Carl (a.k.a. Hot Carl) – the leader of Clan Carl, a vicious band of were-rats after some of the same artifacts (and, seriously, don’t Google “hot carl”.  Just… don’t.  You’re doing it, aren’t you?)

    TikTok – Ho… er… Red Carl’s ettin sidekick

    Clydor (a.k.a. Clydesdale) – Max’s former apprentice


    Madame Pagoda – proprietor of Madam Pagoda’s Bathhouse, home of the friendliest hands in Fallcrest


    The Grey Company (a.k.a. The Pig Pleasers, The Swine Smilers) – a neo-nationalist group hellbent on resurrecting the lost empire of Nerath… who have sex with pigs, apparently.


    Bruno – a very, very unfortunate bard


    As you might be able to tell… this isn’t exactly a serious podcast.  We have fun.  We go off on non-sequiturs about as much as we fumble… and, boy, do we ever fumble.  A treatise on the brilliance that is the movie Gymkata?  Done.  A philosophical discussion on the virtues of Ronnie James Dio?  Check.  A ten-minute argument about the physics behind a pixie being able to fight while holding a full-sized crown that includes a real-life sword and a full-size cardboard cutout of Loki from The Avengers?  What do you know?  We’ve got that, too.

    We’re not going to win any awards.  We’re not going to appeal to everyone.  And we’re sure as hell not going to set the podcasting world on fire.  But, we do have a rather faithful following and they seem to enjoy the crap out of our show, so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

    Hopefully, some of you will enjoy it, too.

    And I look forward to becoming an active member here at RPGMP3.  Cheers!

    – Nate (Editor/Producer/Bullock Borneoake)


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    Red Carl (a.k.a. Hot Carl) – the leader of Clan Carl, a vicious band of were-rats after some of the same artifacts (and, seriously, don’t Google “hot carl”.  Just… don’t.  You’re doing it, aren’t you?)

    “Red Carl” isn’t much better. :O

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