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    After a long time of listening (used to be just plain Helaman here until I screwed up my profile) and also haunting the boards I’m nearly ready to start my own game recordings. Information on the HOW of recording/editing is scattered over many places and I thought I’d start a thread here to discuss the mechanics here. Share some of the things I’ve learned as well as invite others to share their experiences.

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    Some things I learned…


    I’d collected an impressive list of atmosphere music for my upcoming recording sessions when I realised that while I can play these sound tracks all I want in a private game, played in the comfort of my garage, however, if I wanted to record the sessions I had no coverage/protection from copyright when it came to use of the music.


    The simple answer to music in your recorded sessions is: Don’t. There is little likelihood that the big sharks will take note of your show while it remains little, generates no revenue etc but the risk is ever present, especially if you post to youtube as well. You really don’t want lawyers knocking on your door.


    The longer answer is: You CAN, but…


    There are licenses that can be purchased out there from multiple organisations that allow the use of commercial music for your podcast etc. The issue is that these licenses will be of a certain duration and cost an insane amount of money.


    What if you don’t have a wodge of cash but still want background music or music etc for your opening?


    You need royalty free music (and sound effects if you plan on those, and dont want to create your own).


    There are sites out there that, with some google-fu will either provide what you want at a minor cost ( for instance) or for free (loving for instance), and will give you access to music that is legally safe to include in your podcast/Youtube/recorded session for play on, though the free stuff may require that you attribute the tracks used.


    While not legal advice I found this site helpful:


    There are technical sites out there that have more indepth legal advice and information (most of which that say ‘Ask a lawyer’) but I thought the site gave me what I needed.


    There is a bunch of good material out there shared under the Creative Commons license – I’ll leave it to you to google it but basically this is ‘common’ content that is available for public use and is not subject to copyright laws assuming you follow some basic rules like not trying to pass off the work as your own or selling the content materials.


    Sound Effects I found under:

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    I use Audacity as my recording/editing software.


    There are many software packages out there but this one is mine.


    I’ve played with it some and made a multi track intro that has voice, music (royalty free music) and sound effects but really all you want to do is clean up your recorded audio so that its ready to post.


    Here is a great youtube that covers the basics in around 15 minutes –  . You can find others out there in Youtube.

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    We’ve pod-faded, but all the back content from the Gaming Grunts is still online.

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