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    The Emperor’s Chosen, A Deathwatch Supplement, Is Now On Sale

    Do not go to the Emperor’s side mourning the passing of your life. Die with pride, for you did so with honour in the name of the Emperor and the Primarchs. Sing your death song, write the final lines of your saga, discharge your death oath. Do all these things not as if you take your leave of this life, but as if you are returning home.
    -Deathwatch Chaplain Titus Strome

    The will of the Emperor sends the Deathwatch through the most deadly regions of space, including the Jericho Reach, where the Deathwatch currently guards the universe as a sword against the darkness. The service of the Emperor is grim and dangerous, and only a few attain the honor of becoming a veteran of the Deathwatch. Those who survive are truly chosen by the Emperor.

    The Emperor’s Chosen, a new supplement for Deathwatch, is now available at your local retailer and through our webstore! With it, you and your Battle-Brothers can experience the full weight of glory and responsibility laid upon the shoulders of those who have become Deathwatch veterans.

    As we examined in a past preview, Deathwatch veterans can become figures of myths and legends. The Emperor’s Chosen reveals the details of the lives and deaths of many of those honored ancestors. In addition to the memories of ancient heroes, this supplement also provides options for establishing a Heroic Legacy for your own Kill-team. By collectively spending experience points, a Kill-team can ascend together to the status of veterans, unlocking a series of new offensive and defensive roles that all members of the Kill-team can use. These roles are often vital in combat, including the vigilant Shepherd of Battle, who herds the enemy to the optimum position, or the Denier of Witches, dedicated to throwing off the Warp-craft of enemy psykers.

    Purchasing a Heroic Legacy Package with experience points also allows a Kill-team to access new Manoeuvres and strategic options. These tactics allow a team to perform all-new offensive, defensive, and tactical Manoeuvres. Whether laying down Enfilading Fire, making a Feigned Flight, or Reinforcing other Battle-Brothers, these new Manoeuvres can tip the balance of the battle in favor of the Deathwatch.

    In addition, The Emperor’s Chosen invites you to take part in a new adventure of terrifying proportions. Your team of Battle-Brothers must attempt to complete a mission begun by some of the Deathwatch’s greatest martyrs, and reclaim a relic for the Omega Vault. The journey is fraught with peril, as the Kill-team must defeat both evil monstrosities and the dark servants of the Ruinous Powers in order to stop an unholy ritual invoking the fearsome powers of Chaos!

    A Word From the Developer

    For more on The Emperor’s Chosen, here’s a word from developer Tim Flanders:

    It is hard to define the greatest strength of the Battle-Brothers of the Adeptus Astartes. Each Battle-Brother is the Emperor’s wrath made manifest, bringing to bear the might of entire armies and possessing an adamantine will. However, I’ve always felt that the true strength of the Space Marines is the bond of brotherhood formed from decades of service in the name of the Emperor. In the Deathwatch this bond is possibly even more important than it is among other Space Marine Chapters, as a Kill-team must overcome the inherent differences between the individual Battle-Brothers to become a highly effective fighting force unto itself.

    It was this notion of history and brotherhood that informed the development of The Emperor’s Chosen. The newest supplement for Deathwatch presents players with the opportunity to play Deathwatch Space Marines at their finest, with the experience of history guiding their actions and their trust in the Battle-Brother next to them driving them onward. This book provides players and GMs with the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of those legendary Kill-teams whose names are recorded in the histories of Watch Fortress Erioch, and it offers them the tools to take their place beside the most famous Space Marines of the Jericho Reach.

    Are you prepared to advance in the Deathwatch, and walk in the footsteps of legends? Continue your watch, prepare for deadly action, and test your resolve against the perils of the darkness! Head to your local retailer, or our webstore and pick up a copy of The Emperor’s Chosen today!

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