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    Yesterday, we announced that we will be rolling out the new Imperial Assembly website next week, and that it would be your primary source of news for all things Legend of the Five Rings. Today, a little more detail on the new Imperial Assembly (IA).

    First, some things aren’t new at all. You will still be able to join the Imperial Assembly by subscription. In return for your subscription, you will have access to all of the site’s content. You will also be able to support your chosen Clan and Stronghold Store by specifying those with your subscription. If you are already a member of the IA, these things will simply carry over to the new site. As a member of the IA, you will also benefit from periodic, members-only opportunities, such as participating in clan votes that we may conduct from time to time. You will also continue to periodically receive promotional cards, like the ones that were previously delivered with the Imperial Herald. Finally, you will still be able to order “Cards for Koku” through the site, and keep track of your banked Koku.

    So what’s new? Well, as mentioned yesterday, there is no longer a standalone publication called “The Imperial Herald”. Rather, the subscription-only content of the site will constitute the Imperial Herald (IH). The result will be a more dynamic “publication”, similar to a blog, which we can update with new content much more frequently than the old format of the IH would allow. It also allows us to offer a wider range of content–no longer constrained by the realities of a standalone publication, we can serve you, the IA members, articles on many more aspects of Legend of the Five Rings, including areas that haven’t seen a lot of attention in the past, such as the setting itself, costume-play and Live Action Role Playing. This greater amount and range of content means a need for more writing, and that’s another way you can get involved–by writing for the IH. More on that tomorrow!

    A few last points. First, not all of the content on the new IA site will be subscription-only. IA members and non-members will still be able to visit the site and enjoy free content, such as most Legend of the Five Rings fiction and new product announcements. The paid IH content will only be available if you log in, though, and for that you need to have a subscription, of course. For those of you who have IA memberships now, these have been “on hold” for quite some time; the clock has not been ticking down to their expiration. That will change shortly after the launch of the new site–the clock will resume counting down toward expiry. Don’t worry, though–we’ll let you know exactly when the clock restarts, and how long you’ve got remaining in your subscription before you need to renew.

    Finally, above is another screenshot from the new site. Remember, there’s still placeholder text showing; that will be gone and replaced by real content when the new site launches. Likewise, the graphics may change. But this gives you a good sense of the look-and-feel of the new Imperial Assembly website.

    If you have any questions or comments about the new IA and IH, there’s a thread open on the AEG forums where we’ll be offering answers and responses. And check back here tomorrow, September 5, for more details about how you can contribute to the Imperial Herald!

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