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    Behold Tash, Destroyer of wedded bliss! I spent a few minutes trying to work Destroyer of Worlds and Homewrecker into a pun for a thread title and it just wasn’t working so then I thought “Jailbait – Hellbait” and it worked okayish.

    This miniature marks my second or third ever attempt at nipples and whilst I’m not too pleased with them, they could’ve been much worse (and yes, there is 2 tones on each, plus a little brown ink on both too actualy).

    So. After taking 51 photo’s today (and ending up with about 20-25 that were few dark) I finaly got a good batch of around 16. The first batch came out great but highlighted some errors that needed tidying them up. So I took a second batch of photo’s that came out badly and finaly a third batch that mostly came out okay.

    This miniature should soon be available from Black Cat Bases (along with a “variant” version, I suspect skin on the back :p). I don’t know if they’ve given her a name or what they’re going to list her as but I could probably get the details for anyone interested when she becomes available.





    And here’s a couple of shots taken in the harsh light of day to hopefuly show the detail on her back better (the front one’s a bit washed out, I was going to sue it as a portrait shot but it’s come out a bit too pale).



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    Its’ always a pleasure seeing your finished products. Although I saw a couple of ‘work in progress’ pictures, they really didn’t prepare me for the final version.

    The blood on her back looks amazing and glistens beautifully, while the lava-base works so well.

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