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    Are you ovecome by an unstoppable urge (or at least a mild twinge of meh-okay-ness) for fresh new Wharts-tabular Hallitosis in your podcastichotic downloadamabobber?

    In that case, try visiting their current stomping ground[/url]! The Whartson Hall Aethernauts (or just the the BigJackBrassless Chaps, when BJB can’t make it) even have a discussion forum of their very own.

    They’ve been playing Pendragon, Chill, Forgotten Futures, and loads more besides! Some of their most recent recordings include games in the Fallout and Firefly settings, run with the Genesys system. Plus, according to the latest rumours, they’ve gotten into something called “Strontium Dogging”

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    I do love the stuff that Whartson Hall do.

    Speaking of groups striking out on their own, we are now hosting all of the Strand Gamers audio here on RPGMP3 after they closed their site down so go listen to some of that goodness.


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