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    Who’s this then? Who’s this?




    He needs a name. The current stand in name is Red Wolf (because he’s produced by a company called Red Box and because he looks like a Kai Monk (as in Lone Wolf)). Red doesn’t feel right so I’ll see how he developes. More pictures to follow (hopefuly with more colours in them too :)).

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    Druss, son of Bress

    Two pictures. One on the stairs, one on the toilet seat lid (outdoors was bad lighting today).



    Things to do:

    1: Shade & highlight the cloak.

    2: paint the shirt and trousers.

    3: Touch up the tiny little black spot that got onto one of his knuckles when I was touching up the axe haft.

    4: Work out a decent colour for the logs.

    5: Paint the base.

    6: Try not to niggle over how I probably missed half the details on the face and couldn’t really reach the teeth very well because I stuck the axe on early.

    7: shade and highlight the boots.

    8: Do those little straps and buckles on the chest that attach to the shoulder plates.

    9: Feel proud of myself.

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    Step 9 seems particularly important. 🙂 Nice work – did you ever pick a better name for Red Monk?

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    Pencil-Monkey wrote:
    did you ever pick a better name for Red Monk?

    Not yet.

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    My initial thoughts are roughly as follows:

    1: I’m really going to regret doing the skin before the metal parts of that armour.

    2: The effing flash. The effing flash! How do I turn off the effing flash?

    3: I always get this skin tone wrong. It usualy takes me at least three attempts to get it right whereas all the other skintones I do come out right the first time. So I might redo the skin.

    4: Lips aren’t done yet.

    5: The sword goes well with the shield. The axe goes well with the shield. The sword does not go well with the head but the axe does. Maybe I should start a poll.

    6: Now that I’ve seen the photo’s I’ve missed some skin (on the forehead beside the hair and the belly between some plates of armour). I can patch those up later or do them when I redo the skin. If I redo the skin.

    7: I should total send her to Kev & Sally for “official photo taking” when she’s done put they’d probably want the axe and head for shop pics instead.



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