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    does any one know of a good (and relativly cheap way) of striping piant of miniuters, ive herad a few sugestions but im wondering if any one knows of fantastic ways to get paint of metal and plastic models

    so any ideas?

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    • Thri-kreen

    For metal models, I find that nail polish remover works brilliantly, but that tends to melt plastic from what I hear.

    I have heard a fair few people swear that break fluid is brilliant for stripping both metal and plastic models, though.

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    • Bullywug

    Well for Metal minis i use Nitromors, but if thats a bit harsh for ya, try Dettol or Flash, yu will have to let them soak for a while though (a day or 2) then scrub em down with a brush.

    Can’t really help ya on plastic minis. all i know is that Nitromors will not do them much good 😀

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    • Orc

    I’ve heard on various boards that brake fluid works wonders, and works for plastic minis as well.

    Soak for 12 hours, then brush clean.

    I’ve never had to strip a mini… when I quit 10 years ago, I gave all my minis to a friend (sob, 3 squads a piece of WEG rebel and imperial troopers!!!, *all* my Ral-Partha RPG minis (+40)!!!)… and I moved away from that city and fell out of touch with the friend.

    So now that I’ve picked up the hobby again, and my technique’s improved with some great online tips (wet pallette, thinning paints down more than 1:1, acrylic retardant, etc), I don’t have any old ones to compare my progress to.

    It’s almost as if I was always good! ^_^

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    well ive tried nail varnish remover on some metal minis and have found it works a treat

    i need to strip the minis because i got them off a friend in trasde for some of my minis but there not in my color scheme.

    the only problem ive found with nail varnish remover is that as well as stripping the paint it also desolves the super glue, but its no hardship to glue them back together again and they could probly do with it anay way

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    Castrol Super Clean. Get at any automotive store, Wal Mart, Target, Etc.

    Works on metal and plastic, just soak for at least 24 hrs. Does not seem to have negative effects if soaked for a long time. Then use an old tootbrush to scrub clean. Some stubborn chunks might stick in crevases(use a pick to get them out or just prime over it)

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    • Owlbear

    I’ve used pine-sol for metal miniatures. It worked pretty good. Just let it soak, and then use a toothbrush.

    Balgin and Smithmeg are both excellent painters and might have some tips for you as well.

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