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    If you like storytelling games (*cough cough* @[member=”Daniel”] *cough cough*), check out the Storium kickstarter. It’s already fully funded, so now they’re just collecting stretch goals. Some of the people involved in the project so far include:

      [*] Jason Morningstar (designer of the Fiasco RPG).

      [*] Leonard Balsera (ENnie- and Origin-winning lead developer of the Fate role-playing system).

      [*] Kenneth Hite (designer of Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents.)

      [*] Keith Baker (creator of the Eberron D&D setting).

      [*] Mike Lee (game designer and author of The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade).


    Hey @[member=”ross”] – you’re a fan of Scott Sigler, right? (Heck, you even had an audio bite from Infected as your ring tone, in one of the BAGgie episodes.) 🙂

    Check out this stretch goal, that they recently unlocked:


    SLAYERVILLE — Beneath the main street of a small Kentucky mountain town is a crack from which the supernatural pours into our realm to prey upon the unknowing — or would pour, were it not for the monster-stompin’ clans of this tiny burg. Fight alongside the Huntersons, the Breakmouths, the Walkers, the Clampets, the Hatfields, the McCoys and the Crushers, families that have protected mankind for ten generations. Come to this land of Justified meets Ghostbusters, put your shoes up, and sit a spell. (By New York Times best-seller Scott Sigler, author of Infected.)

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    That looks pretty interesting… I like the idea of storytelling and it has a lot of cool people involved…


    Hal :hal:

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    I’m not sold myself.  I can see it quickly getting bogged down in mechanical choice.  I suppose, like anything it’ll come down to getting the right group of players together.  I would need to see more of how the cards interactive with each other to make a final judgement.


    That said, this definitely doesn’t look like the sort of game we’d end up trying.  I know myself, Alex & probably Jess may have the patience for it, but Regan definitely wouldn’t.


    That said, at the closing of Knights myself & Alex have decided to go shopping for a new system for the group — we feel we’re ready to move on from Savage Worlds after god knows how many years (4, 5?).  So feel free to chuck suggestions our way. 😛

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    Interesting, but I’ve seen a few people try and do that in the past with limited success

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