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    Well, some of you may have been following my WIP thread here but now she’s finished and I’ve got some photo’s I’m pretty happy with. I wanted the skin to come out a bit darker but I’m quite pleased with the results I achieved. I need to touch up the corner of one of the eyes and the edge of the base. I might paint the entire edge of the base with scorched brown or dark flesh. I haven’t fully decided on that one yet. I’m also quite pleased with the way the lip colour turned out as I knew it could’ve been a horrible mistake and that would mean painting all the skin for a third time….






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    nice 🙂

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    That is just outstanding.

    Do you paint your min. with a brush or with air?

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    Air? I don’t get it; regardless, very nice job on the lips there Balgin. I honestly thought it would be a really bad idea when you mentioned it yesterday; good to see you prove me wrong. 🙂

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    Very nice!

    So, when will have an website for commissioned miniature painting?

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    popper wrote:
    That is just outstanding.

    Do you paint your min. with a brush or with air?

    Hand held brushes my friend. That and 24 years’ miniature painting experience :). I’m a lot more slopy than I look. I could probably show you some WIP shots pre skin where the eyes were 2-3 times the size they should be (because I knew I’d tidy up again when I put the skin on around them).

    I also had to paint the skin twice as the first time it came out really wrong.


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