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    • Flumph

    Alright, the first new 20 Weeks of Hell sessions are up.

    Check em out if you’re interested.

    As mentioned, we’ll be working on getting the old episodes up (though I think they’re all still available through as well as stuff we recorded but which never saw the light of the web.

    Plus new stuff!

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    • Flumph

    Alittle bit of history, on what spawned the return of 20 weeks of hell.

    As we said before, one of the reasons, the primary one, why 20 weeks stopped, was Shane getting a Job as an Observer out in the Bearing Sea, which meant he was gone for pretty much half a year.

    On his return we wanted to celebrate by playing a Superheroes game, being the big Comic Book Dorks that we all are.

    Savage Worlds being one of our favorite communal systems, the release of “Dawn of Legends” which boasted how it was a versatile, four colour, action packed, balanced Supers game for Savageworlds seemed to be divine providence.

    Then we purchased it…

    The rest of this story can be heard in the podcast…

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    • Treant

    OK folks!

    I have released this on the RPGMP3 Community Podcast as Week 8 for the 20 Weeks guys (just to keep in step with the other stuff they were putting out). It is nice to see them back after over a year. I always through the project was intesting even if I did not always agree with the stuff that came out in the post-game discussions 🙂

    Dawn of Legends One Off and Discussion

    Filesize: 94MB

    Community Podcast Updated 🙂


    Hal :hal:

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    • Drider

    Ooh, now this does look interesting. Being something of a supers RPG geek myself I was eager to see DoL after hearing about it on the Pinnacle forum, but for various reasons (largely down to posts made by the DoL publishers) my initial enthusiasm soured and the game will really have to soar if it’s to drag me away from Truth & Justice now. I’m very much looking forward to hearing your experiences with it.

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    • Flumph

    Fair warning on this one. We didn’t have the most positive expirence, and when you bring up posts from the developers souring you on the game? Yeah, they didn’t appreciate Shane’s opinion very much.

    It was sad to see really. They didn’t handle it very classy like, the way the guys who put out Suzerain did. The Suzerain crew respected our differing opinion and let us see their 2nd edition stuff to show the improvements they had made to their game.

    Honestly, I’m a huge Savage Worlds fan, and I’m almost afraid to point out this review we did of DoL on the Savage World Forum, specifically because I’m afraid of the reprecussions it would engender.

    The Savage World fans are a tight community.. But at the same time.. a bad game is a bad game.. is a bad game..

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    • Owlbear

    Welcome back! I’ve just started to listen to this one, and while I don’t think it was meant to be funny, it is. 😀

    I enjoyed the other reviews as well, so thanks!

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    • Succubus

    My honest responce? About half an hour in I was thinking “any game in which the player characters slaughter crowds of innocent bystanders simply by moving from one place to another is not a game in which these self same characters could be called heroes, in any sense of the word.”

    Were the writers on drugs?

    And what is bloody four colour when it’s at home then?

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    • Flumph

    We always hope that our Reviews provide some amount of enjoyment to listen to…

    Even when their craptacular games like Dawn of Legends, that made me want to cry as a GM..

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    • Thri-kreen

    Hi I just listened to and really enjoyed your play and review of this game. I have to admit I was in tears when you basically destroyed the city in the first 20 minutes with the speed wave…

    Listening on though, I’m wondering was that some kind of dumnass balancing act. Saying to the speedfreaks “Yeah you can go super fast and have lots of attacks and stuff but if you do you will create a speed wave that will cause immense destruction like what happens EVERY WEEK IN SUPERMAN THE CARTOON. So that balances it.”

    Considering what happened with the rest of the game, it would not surprise me if they felt that was a balance factor.

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    • Owlbear

    I kind of thought that too, but creating balance by adding destructiveness is not in the archtype ‘superhero’ nor in keeping with four color in my opinion. But, the creators might have seen it as balancing. 🙄

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    • Flumph

    Glad you guys all thought it was hilarious, we certainly did.

    Were hoping to get another Review up not this weekend but the following weekend.

    Were all part of the Local Cammarilla LARP scene and this has been a busy month..

    Most Likely, we’ll be reviewing another Supers game.. “Godlike” superhero Roleplaying in a World on Fire.. aka World War 2.

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    • Thri-kreen

    My personal favorite? The time honored tradition of Babality continued.

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    • Commoner

    Another great game guys. While I’m not to terribly familiar with Savage Worlds, I’m pretty familiar with M&M and other point buy supers games, and I completely agree with the review you posted in terms of power costs. I think your group really demonstrated the problems in the system it self as well as the issue of unbalanced power cost, cheapening “power structures” and “any power pools”.

    Anyways I hope you keep it up, I’ve enjoyed every one of your AP’s and I think that the system review/discussion section is a very interesting and unique part of your podcast.

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    The Daring Forums requested live play sessions, so we gave it to em. … 1310#p1310

    Check out the mature responses here. I am so tempted to put up “…I had to stop listening after 15 minutes as I felt I would throw up.” as testimonial for our reviews and game sessions.

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    20WeeksofHell wrote:
    Check out the mature responses here.

    They do like to throw toys don’t they.

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