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    i’m a little over a week from my flight to visit my brother.. i’ve loaded all 8 released banewarrens into my new 1GB mp3 player (that i’m hoping will be enough for my plane trip, and btw fills the player) i will spend 9 hrs each way on the plane.. and no, i’m not talking on the tarmac on a jetblue.. i’m talking about in the air, no delays.. i’m traveling 4,000 miles into the artic.. a whole new meaning of cold.. and BRRRRRRR!!! to give you an idea of how cold it is.. today they went above 0F!!!! (currently at 1F).. but i’ve been seeing temps as low as -35F .. me no think it’s gonna warm up too much in the next week)

    i will upload the images onto yahoo, and post the link for any interested.. i’ll be going snowshoeing, snowboarding (or skiing), dog sledding, watching dog sled races.. and possibly outhouse races.. i’ll get to see the aurora (hopefully), maybe even a moose (my brother says there’s a family that lives on base).. i’ll get to go sledding even! and even better, i’ll get to see my nieces and nephew whom i haven’t seen in almost a year (my younger niece wasn’t walking or talking the last time i saw her, hell, she wasn’t even sitting up on her own) and there’s an experiement my brother and i want to do.. when the temps get to like -20F.. if you take a cup of boiling water, and throw the contents (not the cup) into the air, the water instantly crystalizing in mid-air.. sweet

    for those thinking in metric…

    0F = -17C

    -20F = -29C

    -35F = -37C

    and hal.. lindsay.. don’t worry.. in texas.. that 40C is right around the corner.. and should be here about mid june.. hope you like the humidity too 😉

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    • Gelatinous Cube

    Bless you for putting the figures in Centigrade as well.

    That sounds cold.

    From the Beyond the Mountains of Madness Call of Cthulhu Book….

    When it Gets REALLY Cold

    At -25F (-32C)

    Photograph film becomes brittle

    At -50F (-45C)

    Flashlights cease to function as the chemical batteries fail. (Batteries last a long time in such cold, but often must be warmed first)

    With that list of activities it looks like you’re going to be very busy, and you haven’t even included building a snowman in your list.

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