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    I’m not much of a GM, if anything the concept of learning so many mechanics to run a pathfinder game is a bit intimidating. But, I’m gathering some courage to try out podcasting, which I’m doing what I can to learn about it.

    My thoughts are on the following:
    Making a series of summering a character’s story: Through out the years I knew Lockhart, we were always making stories together. With every story, there’s character development of course. Maybe sharing the stories we built together would be therapeutic for me and mildly entertaining for you. I could call it “Lockhart Tales” or “Story Corner” something along those lines, maybe I could take a pole on that one.

    I wanted to see if there would be people interested in listening to broad strokes of stories that Carter and I didn’t have the chance to record. Later on in the series, I could do a FAQ and walk through scenarios that are asked about. As I get a bit more comfortable with my speaking voice, I’m sure the delivery will be smoother and less awkward.

    So let me know.

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    Afterthought: Perhaps an interview with the folks that played with him would be more appropriate?

    I’m sure it’ll be difficult at first, but it’d be worth it right?

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    I’d be interested!

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    Hey Heather,

    This sounds like a great idea. Let me know what I can do to help you out.


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    I’d be interested in either suggestion.

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