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    Was really enjoying your game Wolfsnap, was wondering if you still had it going?

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    anubis wrote:
    Was really enjoying your game Wolfsnap, was wondering if you still had it going?

    It’s kind of a long story – we recorded raw audio up to session 62 and then put the game on hiatus because I needed a break from running it. There was never a ton of response/feedback from the podcasts, and the time it takes to edit and upload the files is considerable, so I had to stop for the moment. I may return to post the rest of it someday, but for now I just don’t have the time. 🙁

    Right now I’m writing a new book for Pathfinder and working on a couple of other new projects, and that keeps me pretty busy.

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    62 sessions is an excellent achievement! 8)

    Btw, fellow boarders, if you listen to something and like it, why not post about it? And, if you spot something really noteworthy like a goblin nursery massacre or something, you could even start a fun (but slightly tongue in cheek) poll about it!

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    I should sound off, since I really loved the game and hope to hear the other sessions appear at some point. I fully understand being short of time, but here’s hoping. Especially when the other Pathfinder games tend to be running adventure paths, this was tip-top stuff.

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    Sounds liek I really need to leave more feedback then as I’ve been loving every one of these sessions and I haven’t even heard them all yet. I love the “educational” way the players learn the rules as they go along. It’s great to see how different people absorb things and pick them up. I also love Wolfsnap’s gm style. Wish I could run games a bit more like that. In fact I’ve tried to incorporate certain elements of his style into my own with mixed success.

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    Agreed on both fronts. I don’t think that his way of doing magic items would be as much fun for the group around our table, but I love the way he does interaction between factions, with the various lords actually taking active steps to secure their ends. It makes the world a whole lot more vibrant.

    On the feedback front, I agree as well. I get too used to crap like TV where you don’t do anything other than tune in to express your appreciation. 🙁

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