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    Another kind of massage that concentrates more on the neuro-muscular regions, is called the neuro-muscular massage. This particular technique is used to concentrate on particular muscles and nerves, working to improve the blood circulation and reduce nerve pain, if any. Yet another technique utilizes the acupuncture points on the body for massaging. It’s popularly known as Shiatsu massaging technique. The Shiatsu Massage is based upon usage of finger-pressure on the acupuncture points of the body to relieve the body off the stress, pain and bring about relaxation and comfort. Usually this is performed on the recipient who is kept inclined. Shiatsu massage is known to improve lymphatic flow.elilmiynktion

    Ayurvedic Massage technique originates from Indian civilization. Ayurveda is well established and widely studied medicinal system. Ayurvedic massage therapist use various oil which are extracted from different kinds of plants which have many healing properties and also nourishment strengths. These massages are not just limited to relieving pain and stress, they go further to even curing paralysis, stroke, hair loss, diabetes and many other disorders and health conditions. Different kinds of stones can be used to rub the body for various types of massage, with oil dripped on the forehead when addressing hair loss and/or mental strain and stress.

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