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    Hi All,

    Been a while since I posted anything here. Combination of real life being busy and my gaming being a little more sparse than usual.

    Anyway, just wanted to do a little to raise awareness of a new setting for Savage Worlds that promises to be epic in every sense.



    Shaintar Legends Unleashed takes characters developed in Shaintar Legends Arise and catapults them into a realm or world shaking heroes. Whether your hero is a mighty wizard, a stealthy rogue, a hard-bitten sell-sword, or a pious priest, there is a place in the history books awaiting them.


    New options for Heroic and Legendary level characters expand upon the already rich and varied character creation rules to allow your legend to build in whatever way you choose. No two characters need ever be the same. No more cookie cutter bad-guys. A rich political and social structure in a vividly described world to interact with, as factions vie to attract the support, or maybe avoid the attention of the heroes.


    The kickstarter, being run by the Legend that is Sean Patrick Fannon (FASA/White Wolf/Reality Blurs etc), in conjunction with Savage Mojo (Suzerain/Dungeonlands) has already started. What is already on offer is enough to get any GM’s creative juices flowing. Yesterdays announcement of Ed Greenwood’s contribution to the project just added another star name to the line-up.


    I would urge all of you to go take a look at the kickstarter, I’m sure you will be as excited by it as I am. Get in now, this one is going to be big. . .

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