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    Savage Worlds on the WebHave you always wanted to play a Conan-style game with Savage Worlds? The good folks over at Gamerstable did, and they had the foresight to record it!

    Champions of Mother Earth introduces the characters and starts the adventure of the Tower of the Ape. Get in on the ground floor of adventure and see how other gamers adapt Savage Worlds to the swords-and-sorcery genre! Listen today.

    Editor’s Note: Conan is the property of Conan International. We aren’t claiming any ownership or licensing in any way, and we don’t have a “Conan for Savage Worlds” book in the works. This is one group’s use of Savage Worlds to play a Conan-style game. Also, while their audio production quality is quite high, it’s likely to get more mature than we tend to be here.

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