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    If you’ve been wanting to check out Numenera, this is a good opportunity


    Wish Monte a happy birthday AND get a present for yourself! Today only, in celebration of Monte’s birthday, the launch of the Ninth World Bestiary, and the opening of our web store, you get 1% off of any purchase for every year Monte’s beenalive. How old is Monte? Well, that’s personal. But it’s more than 45 and less than 47. So enter the code HappyBirthdayMonte on checkout, and get 46% off your purchase! But it’s today only, so don’t delay–and spread the word!


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    Hmm, people are giving Numenera some pretty brutal reviews.


    We may be about to start a new Numenera game, and the question came up about whether a PC would still require an attack roll to hit a Dread Destroyer (gigantic mecha) if they’re standing on top of it… Numenera Fans have lost all right to criticize their DnD NEXT cousins (on the matter of rules at least).

    From where I see it, Monte’s “old skool” binge with Numenera gives us as a result a phenomenon similar to DnD’s 1E in which every single gaming table out there was technically playing their own version of the game because the base rules were so vague in some parts, plain broken in others, and otherwise incomplete, that individual GMs had to fill in the gaps their own way each, and standards were non-existent.

    Yup, definitely Numenera is a game I’ll only play in my current gaming table… and nowhere else.

    “Old skool” DnD 1E binge, eh? Hey, @[member=”Daniel”] – you may want to check this one out. 😉


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    Hell no! Im having a hard enough time ‘fixing’ first ed for the Campers!

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