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    A new game from the Whartson Hall crew with another excellent intro 🙂 That Martin just gets better and better and the game is pretty superb as well 😀

    S L I D E Ways Session 1

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    BigJackBrass wrote:
    What in the World??

    Three complete strangers find that they have a mutual friend, but do any of them really know her at all?

    Character generation, followed by the first adventure.

    Community Podcast Updated!


    Hal :hal:

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    Thanks Hal and Whartsies.

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    • Succubus

    Great intro. 😀

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    Isis wrote:
    Great intro. 😀

    Thanks Isis:) The intro is Jon’s idea really and his script this time. I just press the right buttons on Garageband.

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    Martimus wrote:
    I just press the right buttons on Garageband.

    Mart is trying out this new modesty thing. We’re not sure whether it suits him or not 😆

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    So, what is the pretentiously titled S L I D E W A Y S (just one of the many silly ways it gets written) all about? Essentially it’s an experiment in making a game that works around my weaknesses, so the system is easily fudged, the format is deliberately episodic and the adventure ideas are drawn from things I thought of whilst listening to songs by XTC. Couldn’t be easier. And of course the “setting” is influenced by Michael Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius stories, Tom Moldvay’s game Lords of Creation and a Jerry O’Connell TV show from the nineties, the name of which escapes me for the moment… 😉

    Some links of possible interest:

    The system is Fudge, which you can either buy in a very spiffy hardback full of extra material or else download for free from the publisher, Grey Ghost Press, Inc. Some of you might know the game Spirit of the Century which uses a variant of Fudge as its core.

    Every adventure takes its title – and in some cases considerably more than that – from a song by Swindon’s greatest pop band XTC. You can also read more about them, including song lyrics, over at Chalkhills.

    The title of this episode – What in the World??.. – comes from XTC‘s foray into their psychedelic alter-egos The Dukes of Stratosphear. You can find the track for download on iTunes, from the compilation album Chips from the Chocolate Fireball. Not that everyone is as bothered about the musical influence as I am, but they really are a tremendously great band 😀 And since I have more than three hundred tracks by them there should be no shortage of adventure ideas…

    The intro captures a sort of Pushing Daisies / Jonathan Creek feel, which is about as appropriate to game as anything else, given that we can’t actually afford to licence anything by XTC.

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    Hey ! ! ! ! Did any of you guys ever notice that if you say XTC really fast it sounds like the word ecstacy?. . . .

    How cool is that! . . . .I wonder if they meant to do that?

    Makes me wonder if Buck Cherry knows that their name is Chuck Berry all mixed up? . . .

    Those kooky rock stars. . . Always thinkin’, they are.

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    Thank you WHG and Hal this is an excellent game. 😀

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    • Thri-kreen

    The non-patrons finally get a taste of what is, dare I say, currently my favourite game hosted by RPGMP3. Great stuff, great plot (really) bad puns (really) and a whole bunch of other stuff which would totally spoil it for those who haven’t heard it already.

    Enjoy, then become a patron and get the other sessions which we have had for ages now 😀

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    Good stuff Whartsies!

    I love Fudge. It’s one of my go-to games. I like the mostly-complete rules that allow you to refine things to your preferred degree of detail. Jon had it spot on with the comment about Fudge being not so much a game but rather a source of much on-line debate. Ha!

    Have you, Jon, seen the Fudge-On-the-Fly variant? It was developed by Rob Donoghue of Evil Hat/Spirit of the Century fame. … e_fly.html

    I’ve used it quite a bit for pick up games. Anyway, just thought I’d point it out in case you ever decide to use Fudge again. Nudge, nudge.

    Eager to hear more.

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    Paws_McNasty wrote:
    Good stuff Whartsies!

    Thank you.

    Paws_McNasty wrote:
    Have you, Jon, seen the Fudge-On-the-Fly variant? It was developed by Rob Donoghue of Evil Hat/Spirit of the Century fame.

    I have indeed. Most things Fudge have crossed my desk at some point; there’s a huge folder of downloads on my computer and half a shelf of print products to my left. I considered using Fudge on the Fly but decided in the end to try letting the players semi-customise a basic build of the system. It probably didn’t work 100% but I think that a few minor tweaks will make it much more satisfying.

    The core element, and the main reason I chose Fudge for the game, is the Flux stat. Precisely what it does (and, indeed, whether it does anything) changes as the game moves on, so I had to pick a system that would allow a great deal of flexibility. Flux is also unusual in that a higher score won’t always be a good thing: in one setting it might represent telekinetic powers, but in another it could indicate your “life force” and make you show up rather temptingly to any vampires in the neighbourhood… It’s partly there to avoid someone, deliberately or not, from making a killer character by pumping one or two stats full of points. Getting this to work with another RPG is not easy, although I’ve been tinkering with a version for Savage Worlds – in the end it might simply be too much trouble… and anyway, I’m very fond of Fudge 🙂

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    Every time you mention Fudge Dice in this game I get the munchies. 🙂

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    • Thri-kreen

    Ooo! That was exciting. 🙂 Thank you very much. The rules discussion was pretty interesting, and I look forward to seeing how they work in AP.

    I really should dust off my Fudge rules. Did you buy fudge dice? They’re kinda hard to come by here, so I made some myself (as a way of occupying myself while watching TV).

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    Hafwit wrote:
    Did you buy fudge dice?

    Quite a few 😀 When I bought mine they were not at all easy to find in the UK, either, although they seem a bit more common now. Grey Ghost has changed manufacturers and apparently the new dice are a bit better than the ones I have, which do have occasional flaws. The sudden prevalence of iPhones and iPod Touch devices at Whartson Hall means that several of us also have access to virtual Fudge dice as part of the Dicenomicon app.

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    The show your thinking of was called “Sliders” and also had John-Rhys-Davies of LOTR fame as well. They went all through different dimensions each containing a different version of Earth. Good stuff.

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