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    • Treant

    Hello all,

    You may be aware of the rather popular computer game, World of Warcraft, which we have talked about on the audio. Well, it occured to me that it cannot just be myself, Lindsay and Steve that play it, so I have decided to start an in-game guild for people who visit the site.

    If you would like to join you will need to make an Alliance character on the Dragonblight server and then you can sign up.

    Current Characters

    Hal – Swiftleaf (Night Elf Rogue)

    Lindsay – Quillan (Night Elf Druid)

    Steve – Alumia (Night Elf Priest)

    Note the Night Elfy theme 😛

    If you log onto the server, add Swiftleaf as a friend and chat to me when you are logged on and I will invite you to either sign the charter for the guild (or into the guild if we can get enough signatures).

    Sadly, as we are based in the UK, the guild will be on the European servers.

    Hope to see some of you there.

    Hal :hal:

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    • Orc

    I’m also on the Dragonblight server:

    Chris – Demonix – Human Warlock

    Also my girlfriend plays, look out for Adriel – Elf Hunter.

    If anyone needs any help give me a shout.

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    • Thri-kreen

    Is the guild still on? I just finished my 10-day trial today, with one night elf char on the Dragonblight server for this specific purpose (other chars on Runetotem) and didn’t spot any of the guild-related names at all (did find Demonix though – thanks for the help).

    Gotten bored with it, gone on to other characters, or simply no time for playing lately?

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    • Orc

    Hmmm, yes, I got bored of my priest, as I couldn’t kill anything remotely my level, and all the quests are too hard 🙁

    So I have a nice Horde character instead. And a few other Alliance characters on Draenor too 😀

    However, there is a member of the guild that plays quite regularly:

    Unto – Night Elf Warrior (Neil)

    And, I do believe that Hal is having problems with Swiftleaf, in so far as the game keeps dropping him every time he moves 😀

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    • Flumph

    You’re on the wrong server dude! There’s a big pile of us on Shadowsong!

    Fizz, Finn, Ben Russell, Ali, James and Ben are all part of our huge 240person guild.

    Come join the party!

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