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    RPGLED Pathfinder Session 16

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    Wolfsnap wrote:
    The party listens to the story of the Stewart Family’s strange heirlooms and then spends an awful lot of time faffing about before finally heading west.

    Alex is AWOL for this session, and Joel is playing remotely via text from a hotel room somewhere, so things are moving kind of slow in this session – you get to hear a lot of me typing, although I’ve tried to edit out the worst of it.

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    Hal :hal:

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    The typing sounded like it was hard to manage, but it was still a good listen!

    Keep em coming!

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    I’m about half way through this episode at the moment and more I listen to Victor the clearer he becomes the cool-but-dodgy assassin Guerrero from Human Target in my head.

    Anyone else getting that?

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