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    The twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth issue of RPG Review has *finally* been released as a double

    (yes, it’s *that* late)! One hundred and twenty eight pages of undead goodness (or evilness)!


    This is the first issue of RPG Review released under the auspices of the new incorporated association,

    the RPG Review Cooperative.

    It includes an interview with John Snead, undeath in Warhammer 40K, a Killer scenario, beyond death in

    Labyrinth Lord, and death in Dungeons and Dragons.

    There is a death artifact, The Scythe of Thanatos, a disturbing set of tales in ‘Undead in Reality’,

    a collection of undead RPG reviews including Vampire The Masquerade, GURPS Undead, All Flesh Must Be Eaten,

    Libris Mortis, Open Grave, plus a review of The Laundry, the Undead in Eclipse Phase, a revival of Saltram Shore,

    an undead Hero System scenario. Plus non-undead material including Starship Purchase in Savage Worlds,

    poisons in GURPS, the campaign setting Green Isles, rules options for HeroQuest, three reviews from Andrew Moshos

    – The Revenant, Crimson, and Lights. Plus… an article on why tabletop RPGs are better than computer RPGs

    by none other than Lewis Pulsipher!


    Did you get all that? Oh, and there’s more as well..


    So get some here:



    Join our low-volume announce list:



    Please consider contributing to our next issue, “Superheroes”! Come on, write something – it’s fun!



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