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    I’ll start posting questions that I’ve seen asked on this board and others here. Answers in italics are “official” responses from designers or AEG, otherwise I’ve just posted my best guesstimate.

    Q: How do the goblins of the Holy Goblin Empire (B69 – B88) travel to their shrine (B133-136)?

    A (Nyarlathotep): Yes it is baffling! There is only 1 direct path through Region B to the Shrine and it passes through B111, an area that any goblin pilgrims are incredibly unlikely to survive. As near as I can tell*, the goblin’s path to their shrine goes through the Maze (B92), into the heathen goblin camp (B94 -> B97 -> B98 -> B104) then into Region C, north past C22 & C23, west through the ruined hallway and back into B109, then north into B120 and finally east to B134. Or you could add a hallway connecting the hallway south of B37 to the hallways west of B120.

    * the path only passes through at least 3 secret doors that goblins would be unlikely to detect, seems unlikely but I guess this is how they do it.

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