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    Yeah, you have that link to my site under ‘hal’s favorites’ and well, as of now it is obsolite. My site has been changed to and us being updated as we speak to make the roleplaying experience better, and just to add that we are no longer being sponcered by judyscatering.

    And if anyone has time and wants to try out forum roleplaying, as always, just sign up and tell me and I’ll make you into a member so you can check it out 🙂

    Well I gotta dive back into getting it up and running again, and Demonix, tahnks again on the banner you made for me forever long ago, soon as I can get on my other computer again I think I’ll put a link to your site up on my site. Because your site’s cool.

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    Fixed it all up for you now 😀

    Hope its OK!

    Hal :hal:

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    Thanks for the praise. 😀

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    Thanks guys 😀

    *Cough* I hate being sick.

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