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    Several Winter Court and Stronghold Store events have recently occurred and we are ready to announce the winners and story / design choices from these events. Some choices are still pending. When they are approved, this page will be updated. They are as follows:

    New Hampshire – Lvl 10 Stronghold Store Event
    Winner – Geoff Prugh, playing Crab. Geoff chose the flavor trait “the Masked Tortoise.”

    Sheffield, England – Ruby Championship
    Winner - Steve Clegg, playing Un-Aligned. Pending Story and Design Team approvals, Steve requested that a Boyoh Mercenary personality serve as the Ruby Champion’s victor and emissary to the Colonies.

    Greece – Lvl 10 Stronghold Store Event
    Winner – Pavlos Toufidis, playing Crane. Pavlos’s pick is forthcoming.

    Melbourne, Australia – Turquoise Championship
    Winner - Nathaniel Robinson, playing Crane. A personality from the Crane will be sent as an envoy of the Turquoise Champion to Iweko Seiken to be available to the heir for advice on all matters artistic or political. Nathaniel also earned the ability to work with the Design Team on creating a Strategy card.

    Melbourne, Australia – Lvl 10 Stronghold Store Event
    Winner – Dan Juleff, playing Scorpion. Dan chose the flavor trait “the Masked Monkey.”

    Congratulations to all of the winners!

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