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    Tumblr is a great place to hang out, if you’re looking for RPG source material, play aids, character portraits, funny anecdotes, and more. (You might even find some RPG-related stuff on my own Tumblr. *Nudge nudge* *Wink wink*) If you find a good roleplaying Tumblr to follow, feel free to post a link here.

    To set the tone, let’s start out with this one:


    Dedicated to my party.

    Our rogue that that died in the first action of our first fight in our first game.

    Our cleric that rolled snake eyes on his fancy perception check.

    And my own warden, who ends up with the map despite negatives in dungeoneering.

    Lair-Master has a list of intriguing character ideas; here are some examples:

    • Fun Barbarian Idea: A woodcutter’s wife who has a sausage for a nose as the result of an encounter with a mischievous djinni. She erupts into a homicidal rage at the slightest mention of her pepperoni proboscis.
    • Fun Bard Idea: A male stripper who was mistaken for a professional adventurer while wearing his “hot knight” costume. His magic striptease captivates all who gaze upon it, stupefying them with hypnotic undulations.
    • Fun Rogue Idea: A hatter who moonlights as a poisoner and suffers from chronic mercury inhalation. She delights in devising unique methods of delivery, among them her fedora, which has a chakram built into the brim and is coated with black adder venom.
    • Fun Wizard Idea: A mathemagician who has discovered all things can be quantified using a universal system of numbers. She carries with her a bag of seven polyhedral dice and practices arithmancy to gain forbidden knowledge.

    Out of context D&D is one of the finest repositories of gaming quotes on the net. (Apart from RPGMP3, of course.)

    “He’s taking a stealthie.”

    —The gm describing how one of the NPCs at the scene of an exploding car wast trying to take selfies… but stealthily.

    “I apply ample lube to all the peasants.”

    —Ship’s weapon’s officer, trying to make peasant railguns work.

    • DM: Why don’t you just change your class to “dominatrix”?
    • Player: Says the dungeon master.

    “Is crying a free action?”

    —our cleric during the first session after being seperated from the group in an unfamiliar city, knocked out, robbed blind, peed upon and left in an alley.

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    Courtesy of Wil Wheaton:


    And remember to check out @[member=”Heather”]’s Tumblr page for more of her artistic activities.

    Looking for soundtracks?


    Great for the sci-fi writer or artist who wants to get into the mood, or just to be inspired. Also great for just being a big dork and pretend you’re on a spaceship.


    In contrary to my sci-fi background sound post I’m now here to fill your medieval fantasy needs. Perfect for the fantasy writer or artist, and of course for dorks like me that likes to pretend I’m in some fantasy world.

    @[member=”Lockhart”] and other accountant/GMs will want to check out this Tumblr that welcomes GMs, writers and yes, even accountants:

    Are you a writer? Sequential Artist? Addicted to roleplay? Are all your characters also a writer, sequential artist, or roleplay addicts?

    Are you a nurse who cringes during House? Or a CSI and want to kick Sherlock’s writers in the teeth? A programmer who thinks THIS SCENE from Swordfish is the height of comedy?

    Are you tired of every character you make being a doctor, lawyer, or famous actor with you knowing nothing about any of those jobs?

    What the fuck do accountants do anyway?

    Then share your experiences here! Help storytellers looking to broaden their career knowledge by providing information on your unique career history and current job.

    Remember, no matter how boring you think your job is, there’s definitely someone out there thinking wrong-thoughts about the bullshit you have to do everyday. So here’s your chance to correct that little boo-boo.


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    I’m telling this story again b/c fuck it but anyways I was playing D&D and one of my friends went “brown bear brown bear what do you see” and on cue three of us turn to him and like, death metal screech “ALLLL”.

    The dude goes completely pale faced. I saw true horror in his eyes.

    He didn’t know the joke.

    So apparently dude just had three of his best friends demonically screech at him for no goddamn reason.

    I do not think I will ever cause that level of sheer terror and confusion ever again in my life.


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    Are you looking for a blog that’s all about gelatinous cubes? Like, you just can’t get enough of those jiggly jelly cubes? Then check out, where you can find tons and tons of gelatinous cube-y goodness, including these nifty paper minis:




    For a wider selection of paper minis, visit Printable Heroes:


    Download the Dungeon Monsters set here:


    Set includes art for:

    Gelatinous Cube, Treasure Chest Mimic, Cloaker, Roper, and “Krafty” the Ochre Jelly.


    Download Undead Set 01 here:


    Includes art for:

    Ghoul, Deathknight, Ghoul Lord, and Skeleton.


    Download the Heroes Set 01 here:


    Set includes art for:

    Half-Elf Caster, Halfling Rogue, Human Fighter, Elf Ranger, and a Human Caster.

    BTW @[member=Hal], take a look at the comments on this Tumblr post – looks like RPGMP3 has fans in many places. 🙂


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    My Tumblr name is stormstoker, I’m the second recommender! ^_^

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    Any other RPGMP3 fans who have their own Tumblr accounts might want to follow The RPGMP3 Fan Blog, where all kinds of site-related goodness will be posted. 🙂



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    Writing a historical novel means knowing how far they can travel on a horse, This is good info right here.


    Leprechauns and giant leech by David Sutherland, page 60 of the AD&D Monster Manual by Gary Gygax, TSR, 1977. There are other creatures who step out of their picture borders or even eat them, but this is the best example of a mischievous entry escaping its place on the page.


    On second thought, let’s not go to Thar. It is a silly place. (Jim Holloway from The Orcs of Thar, Gazetteer #10 by Bruce Heard, TSR, 1988.)

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    Ooh, look! Lindsay is on Tumblr, at Violet Peacock Millinery!



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    Trick or treat, smell my feet. New recruits in the Legion of Thar undergo rigorous training and inspection. (Jim Holloway, The Orcs of Thar, Gazetteer #10 by Bruce Heard, TSR, 1988.)


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    The fact that Rey’s natural weapon is a pole/quarterstaff thing makes me really hope this is where she’s headed.

    I am really hoping for this, except with a longer handle in the middle and a shorter blade on each end. Tell me she couldn’t engineer that, I dare you. And it would be cool.

    OR she could keep her normal weapon and pimp it out with lightsabers.


    Kylo Ren would be so jealous.




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