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    Session #1 WLD: And so it begins

    “I would be amused if I had a sense of humor” Archmage Manshoon (1 of 3 Manshoon clones)

    “Well, you know, a copy of a copy”- The Friar

    The Characters

    Kevin Salahard, (hm, wiz 1, CE) renegade wizard of the Host Tower Arcane, he is fleeing his dominating father who does not want him to become a monk or an ur-priest.

    The Friar (hm, variant clr of gaurgoth 1, LE) a extremely wise and charismatic manipulator of men, he is seeking the ancient journal of his diabolic deity.

    Oldena (hf, clr of orcus 1, CE) a worshiper of orcus who longs to master all forms of the necromantic arts both divine and arcane; Currently hunted by the church of Kirasanalee

    Fedra (hf child, rog 1, NE) a spoiled nobleman’s daughter, who plans to take over the silver raven mercenary company from her father, she is fleeing from her father’s rival, the vile countess

    Kerivec (hm child, rog 1, NE) A guildmaster’s son, who dreams of starting his own thieves guild, He is now obsessed the girl who ratted him to the guards out calling her “The Bitch”

    Quinn (hm, warlock 1, LE) cursed by Asmodeus, Quinn is now trying to gain enough power to put himself back in his Lord’s graces.

    Note: We did have another player (the fighter) but he quit because we were playing evil, though no one did anything evil to him.

    The party started off as prisoners in the Citadel of the Raven (Forgotten Realms setting), Each was convicted of a crime, they were guilty of committing and they were all sentenced to death. Fzoul Chembryal, Master of the Citadel and the evil society known as the Zhentarium, offered them a pardon if the subject themselves to geas/quest to bring back alive a renegade mage of the Zhentarium Kilas Longtail

    “However, your fault, my fault, nobodies fault, he does not come back alive, the geas will kill you” -Fzoul Chembryal, Chosen Tyrant of Bane

    Later the party was visited by the Archmage Manshoon of the Zhentarium who had the guards take blood samples of the party, (one guard who was charmed by The Friar gave his own blood, rather than take The Friar’s blood), Manshoon told them to refuse the geas at their execution tomorrow and that he would clone them and they could serve him, (other prisoners had spoke of Manshoon’s experimental research)

    “You will have new powers when you are reborn, a form better to serve me with.” -Manshoon of The Zhentarium, not to be confused with his other two clones Manshoon of Westgate and Manshoon of Undermountain

    Even Later, deep in the night a jail break was made by Davin Drammend (hm, Ackashic 20, LE), a newly raised operative of the Zhentarium, who has been granted control of all northern lands that the Zhentarium does not currently control. Davin relates that he is recruiting raw talent to help him locate a powerful akashic node located deep in the Turnback Mountains.

    He offers them escape, employment if they agree to serve him in this and follow two rules to respect each others property and not offend each others honor. If they chose not too they could go about their business, (though they would be fugitives)

    “This patron does not want to kill us.”-Kerivec

    “I give you gifts so that you may love me, I give you warning so that you will fear my wrath”- Imperator Davin Drammend

    Davin gave a collection of broaches that act as conduits for his akashic abilities and allow the wearer to simulate any regional forgotten realms feat of their background (tapping into the akashic energy of their heritage once they reach second level.

    Davin’s warning: “those who break oath with me, shall suffer death of personality” (memories changed so that they would be a different person), .

    He also gave them Ix a torch elemental (variant lantern archon,) that functions more like a torch, who only gives one or two word answers so far he has said, “light, no light, yes, no,. and wind”, Ix travels with whomever leads the party

    The party quickly traveled the great distance across the ride to a portal that lead them to the base of the Turnback Mountains, they quickly noticed the long massive trail of savage humanoid tracks, and saw something glinting on the mountain side. They eventually reached the gargantuan halberd that was reflecting the light and saw the Titian’s corpse where, looting him they found two pieces of gigantic paper upon which was written the following.

    Carcer Maximus Mundi

    In the Days of Thunder, the servants of the god of vengeance built a great dungeon. Within it, his servants erected mammoth walls, locks, doors, and traps. It warded off those who would enter, but also walled in those who would escape; it was a dungeon larger than any ever know. Within it, the servants imprisoned accursed undying creatures, inhuman abominations, and heinous monstrosities that had earned the Wrath of the Gods. For the Lord of Retribution spoke that death was too easy a punishment.

    It was a perfect construction. Before the Forgefather created the first dwarf to sculpt stone, the servants carved a work of art that no one would ever want to see. For it would mean you were its prisoner. Perfect in every detail it would stand inviolate for millennia.

    Yet even the power of a god is not eternal. The Lyrist of Poetic Justice has been undermined by the Destroyer, made mortal during the War of the Gods, even cheated, and defeated by the General of the Gods. Though he is not dead, the Doombringer is weak. He now stands between The Just God and The Lady of Loss while courting the Maid of Misfortune. Who can say what has happened to the forgotten realms of Carcer Maximus Mundi?

    I am Breysus, Titan and Guardian of the southern passage to Carcer Maximus Mundi. I have stood watch here for many millennia, I have never failed to defend my post none have entered, and none have escaped. However soon I will die, I have seen it. I am well beyond the lifespan of even one of my kind, my time has come, the new age is coming, and my blood shall be trapped in ice.

    I have raised a sheath of darkness to help insure that none shall escape even after my death, but I cannot insure that others will not enter Carcer Maximus Mundi.

    If you have read this with a noble heart, I ask only that you free my blood from the ice.

    The party followed the humanoid army’s tracks into a mountain cave until they came to the Room A1 and the iron doors where the party camped for the night, Kerivec decided to investigate the doors, and accidentally opened one, and there stood the black barrier with only the hinges of the door visible, he stuck his hand through but could not pull it back, so with the entire party asleep Ix and Kerivec went through the black barrier.

    Kerivec heard a bloody hacking cough to the north, so he an Ix investigated, finding four orcs exhausted from some battle. Kerivec attempted to parlay, but being a child and being very blunt failed to convince the orcs into talking. So Kerivec decided to loot them, which then started a fight, Kerivec dispatched the first orc with a sneak attack (winning initiative), the second orc stood up and was dispatched with a attack of opportunity an a lucky hit, the third and fourth orc were much more difficult for Kerivec (one orc rolled a natural 20), and he was left disabled at the end of the fight but stable (Go action points and the use of dead and dying rules from Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved).

    Later the party enters the room and finds Ix floating above Kerivec who is atop a pile of dead orcs, after healing Kerivec, the party started with the north western door, finding it full of bodies, the cleric of undeath Oldena started searching, (contracting filth fever), they searched the next door, but did not like the signs of mold, the party then, when on to search the north east door, they found a dead orc and a broken spear, after inspecting the body, they proclaimed it was killed by stirges, the party then went to move toward the next door, for some reason (mainly tired of player arguments), the wizard Kevin Salahard took the lead and entered the next room

    Then the darkmantle dropped down from the ceiling and attacked latching on to the head of the WIZARD (8 points), battle ensues the room is plunged into darkness, other party members flee the darkness, Oldena heals Kevin, Oldena gets hit for doing so, eventually Kevin casts light and the darkmantle goes down.

    However, Fedra hears thousands of nails striking stone, runs over to the next door, through which she sees a swarm of something (Spot: “I rolled a 4!”) coming through the door in the next room, she slams the door shut and runs back to the next room the rest of the party floods in and braces the door, with the unconscious and diseased clerics mace.

    They hear the swarm open the outer door but they hold off the swarm for several rounds keeping the door shut and they camp in the room. When Oldena breaks out with filth fever the party continues to rest thought their rest is disrupted by two earth tremors, the party is convinced that they only have so much time before magma floods the tunnels. (I love when players jump to conclusions)

    The move on to the most southern door and find a former troglodyte lair that has been ransacked, though they do discover the secret door, that leads to a dark windy chamber, Ix refused to enter the room fearing the wind would blow him out, the party closed the door, they found a dead darkmantle next to a closed door, peaked into the next room, the headquarters of Oghar the orc war leader, they closed the door.

    With this the session ended.

    DM notes:

    Darkmantle can be deadly potentially a dark mantle could deal 16 points of damage in the surprise round, this means a cleric or ranger with a 10 con would be dead. On average it would deal 14 points of damage this would kill the rogue with a 10 con. It’s just something to think about weather this is really a CR 1. Darkmantles can hit deal damage, grapple, constrict and deal constriction damage all in the suprise round. Ouch!

    Besides being annoyed by a few to many darkmantles, rats and rat swarms; I was a little disappointed with the lack of dungeon dressing in each room and have decided to make up a chart, I am trying to make the dressing useful and actually take advantage of the rules. I have already created a rumor mill for region A.


    Section A

    1. Longtail is controlling the monstrosities.

    2. Fanatical goblins are in the eastern cell blocks.

    3. Explorers of the northern cell blocks disappear, no bodies, equipment or sign of struggle has been found

    4. There is going to be a major Earthquake/Eruption that will seal this Block of cells

    5. Longtail’s familiar Achyyx is controlling all the fell beasts

    6. The troglodyte/kobold/orc tribe has found a greater treasure and the betrayed us keeping it for themselves

    7. Longtail planned to control the creatures and have them as his personal army, who knows what went wrong.

    8. The orcs and reptiles were battling for control over the territory when the ferocious swarms of monster attacked us all

    9. Achyyx Longtail’s rat familiar is not a rat at all he is an imp who serves the demon Anarazel, Guardian of a Thousand Terrors

    10. War leader Orghar marshaled all the orcs in an all out assault on the reptiles, we planed to start a garrison here once we were victorious

    11. The Orc tribe was decimated and fragmented by the fiendish denizens

    12. The troglodytes lie in and beyond the maze our battalion could have been bogged down so we ignored it.

    13. The Troglodytes section is dangerous and it is repugnant

    14. The Kobolds have Kenshar mounts

    17. The is filled with corridors that lead nowhere, secret doors with no relevance and traps that guard emptiness

    16. Longtail went east in search of a chapel



    Orc area

    1. Trogs dek zejdad (Orcish: Death to all Troglodytes) is scribed on the wall in dwarves runes

    2. Orghar jeddar gotrag (Orcish: Orghar rules here) is scribed on the wall in dwarves rune

    3. Hums ak tor zegor (Orcish: humans the most needless creature living)

    4. Written on the wall in angelic script. (Celestial: Hell is empty, all the devils are here.)

    5. Symbol of a bloody sword (holy symbol of Ilneval orcish god of war and courage)

    Kobold area

    6. Skah (Kobold: @*&$#%!!!!)

    7. Kobo bubhosh klomp H’pinki (Great kobolds kill many enemies)

    Troglodyte area

    Troglodyte body harnes

    Winged and vaned javalin[/img]

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    Think your giving the players to much info old boy,Keeping them in the dark is much more satisfying.Of course that would qualify you to join the RBDMC

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    I think players spend too much time in the dark, I want the players to have an appreciation for the setting, Giving the players a sense of history and current activites helps to suspend thier disbelief. Too many times I have seen adventures where only the dm knows what is going on, even when the adventure is over they players don’t know what happened or why. Expecially in the WLD here is no method of diseminating non-vital information.

    Give me one reason why telling the players that Longtail released the fiendish beastiary on the unsuspecting savage huminoids changes anything about the outcome of the adventure. Heck, have more of a problem with telling the players that Longtail is a wererat than saying he is an idiot who was tricked by his own familiar.

    Then there is the problem after his failure why is longtail just hanging around waiting of the PC’s to attack?

    Why would anyone lock up dumb animals in prison?

    Why would Achyyx and his masters care about these dumb animals?

    Here is the answer in my game. Beyond the gateway in the extradimensional cell, is a Fiendish Deepspawn (who just spawned all these creatures) This deepspawn is favored byAnarazel, Guardian of a Thousand Terrors, and can control all of it’s spawn like the borg as long as it is on the same plane as it’s cretures. Longtail is spending his time trying to gain control over the creature (who has so far resited his attempts at coersion),

    Encoutner conditions?

    Killing Longtail releases the Fiendish Deepspawn.

    Killing the familiar relases/traps the fiendish deepspawn

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