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    I’ve been trying to catch up with my backlog of gaming audio, thus I started listening to the 20 weeks of hell crew. Maybe this has been covered in one of the gamecasts, but I’ve only listened to three so far, so apologies if we are going over familiar ground.

    My question. What are the primary game you boys play on a regular basis and what are your favorite games?

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    Hi there! To answer that question, we play a lot of different games, but the mainstays or the ones we keep coming back to tend to be Savage Worlds and the various World of Darkness games.

    As of late, discounting the Twenty Weeks of Hell Games, our most recent gaming exploits have been:

    D&D 4th Edition- Been playing through the Keep on the Shadowfell and I’ve started a separate game, set in a post apocalyptic Earth.

    Deadlands Reloaded- Savage Worlds version; problem of having too many players and not all of them showing up stopped this one

    Necessary Evil- Savage World where the only ones left to save the world are the super villains. In this case, we did an altered version of the setting, replacing invading aliens with corrupt, fascist super heroes.

    Changeling: The Lost- New changeling for WoD, this game is pretty cool, but it died due to lack of focus.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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