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    Reports from Two Stops on the Plugged-in Tour for Android: Netrunner

    The Plugged-in Tour for Android: Netrunner is up and running, and it’s still gaining speed.

    Throughout October, and into the first week of November, we’ll continue to cover the tour’s tournaments and staff challenges, as well as the ongoing vote for one of two potential Runner identities: Laramy Fisk and The Collective.

    Then, once the tour ends and the final vote has been cast, you can look forward to Friday, November 8th and the Android: Netrunner World Championship tournament at the FFG World Championship Weekend. There, we’ll announce which identity will join the game… and which will be “invited” by the Weyland Consortium to purchase some prime real estate just outside of New Angeles.

    Yesterday, we recapped the action of our three early Plugged-in Tour stops in New England. Today, we continue our tour coverage with a look at the weekend’s two stops in the Chicago area.

    Pastimes – Niles, IL

    Pastimes in Niles, IL was the first Chicago area stop for the Android: Netrunner Plugged-in Tour, and the store was more than ready to host our tournament event. Over eighty players came to participate and make an impact on the future of the game by casting their vote for The Collective or Laramy Fisk.

    Travis Chance won the tournament with his Weyland and Exile decks.

    Exile Weyland Consortium:
    Building a Better World
    Event (17)
    1 Stimhack *
    1 Levy AR Lab Access
    3 Scavenge
    3 Quality Time
    3 Diesel
    3 Freelance Coding Contract
    3 Test Run

    Hardware (9)
    3 Clone Chip
    1 Omni-drive
    1 R&D Interface
    2 Plascrete Carapace
    2 Dinosaurus

    Program (19)
    1 Corroder **
    1 Parasite **
    1 Datasucker *
    1 Nerve Agent **
    1 Yog.0 *
    1 Crescentus *
    1 Faerie ***
    1 Atman
    1 Cyber-Cypher
    2 Deus X
    3 Self-modifying Code
    2 Femme Fatale *
    3 Magnum Opus

    Agenda (9)
    3 Government Contracts
    3 Priority Requisition
    3 Hostile Takeover

    Asset (2)
    2 Jackson Howard *

    ICE (21)
    2 Rototurret *
    3 Caduceus
    3 Archer
    3 Hadrian’s Wall
    3 Datapike
    3 Bastion
    1 Wall of Static
    3 Ice Wall

    Operation (12)
    3 Green Level Clearance *
    3 Beanstalk Royalties
    3 Oversight AI
    3 Hedge Fund

    Upgrade (5)
    2 Corporate Troubleshooter *
    3 Ash 2X3ZB9CY **



    Michael Herren came in second playing NBN: The World Is Yours* and Andromeda.

    It was great, too, to see a shift in the metagame as some of the previously less popular identities such as The Exile and NBN: The World is Yours performed quite well. The overall level of play was as high as any competitive tournament we have seen recently.

    Everyone was welcoming and excited to participate in this unique event. Players came from all around the Chicago area, and many traveled farther; including a father and son duo that flew in from Memphis for the weekend to play their favorite game!

    Before, during, and after the tournament, players were excited to face off against FFG staff members playing one of their special Corp challenge decks. While many players made a strong showing, defeating said challenge decks, many more were crushed under the weight of the corporations. Even those that didn’t try their luck were excited to witness the new strategies and spoiler cards presented in these challenge decks!

    We would like to thank everyone at Pastimes for helping us put together a great event! It was a wonderful start to our Midwestern leg of the tour. Meanwhile, players in the Chicago area will be happy to know that Pastimes will be hosting Android: Netrunner events every week and monthly tournaments. Check their website for details!

    Chicagoland Games & Dice Dojo – Chicago, IL

    On Sunday, the Plugged-in Tour traveled to Chicagoland Games & Dice Dojo, an incredible location near downtown Chicago. Again, at this community hub for gaming, FFG staff met with scores of players who came to compete in the Plugged-in Tour tournament event and staff challenges, as well as several people who just wanted to learn the game!

    Once again the Weyland Consortium, and Andromeda made a strong showing, making up a good percentage of the top players’ deck choices.

    However, it was Rob Wiley’s combination of Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future and Kate “Mac” McCaffrey that led the pack.

    Kate “Mac” McCaffrey Haas-Bioroid:
    Engineering the Future
    Event (15)
    3 Diesel
    3 Sure Gamble
    2 Test Run
    2 Surge *
    3 Quality Time
    2 Levy AR Lab Access

    Hardware (16)
    3 Cyberfeeder *
    2 Akamatsu Mem Chip
    3 The Personal Touch
    2 The Toolbox
    2 Plascrete Carapace
    1 E3 Feedback Implants **
    3 R&D Interface

    Program (9)
    1 Femme Fatale *
    1 Darwin ***
    1 Datasucker *
    1 Magnum Opus
    2 Cloak
    3 Self-modifying Code

    Resource (4)
    1 Ice Carver ***
    1 Kati Jones
    2 Same Old Thing

    Agenda (11)
    3 Accelerated Beta Test
    3 Mandatory Upgrades
    3 Project Vitruvius
    2 Gila Hands Arcology

    Asset (7)
    3 Adonis Campaign
    1 Melange Mining Corp
    3 Jackson Howard *

    ICE (21)
    2 Heimdall 1.0
    3 Eli 1.0
    2 Heimdall 2.0
    2 Chum *
    2 Tollbooth **
    2 Sensei *
    2 Rototurret
    2 Janus 1.0
    2 Ichi 2.0
    2 Howler

    Operation (10)
    3 Biotic Labor
    3 Hedge Fund
    2 Oversight AI **
    2 Bioroid Efficiency Research

    Keith Searfoss earned second place with his use of NBN: The World is Yours and Andromeda.

    The tournament was epic and full of energy, going well into the night and finishing up just before 11 PM! During the course of the day, we were able to secure our corporate servers against many more players, collecting the signatures of the fallen and rewarding those Runners who were lucky and skilled enough to evade our Punitive Countermeasures (True Colors, 79)!

    We definitely would like to thank the staff at Chicagoland for being welcoming and perfectly prepared to host this incredible event. It was an amazing experience to talk with local players and hear of their experiences with Android: Netrunner.

    Local players will also be happy to learn that Chicagoland Games & Dice Dojo hosts a weekly Android: Netrunner night. You can check their website for more details.

    …And the Winner Is

    The voting continues as the fates of The Collective and Laramy Fisk hang in the balance. However, the participants at our Chicago area events tilted the polls in favor of Laramy Fisk. Combined with the results from our New England stops, he now enjoys a slight lead over The Collective, but there’s still everything at stake with twenty-six events remaining.

    Again, while you wait for the next tour stop and updated tournament results, vote tallies, and card spoilers, be sure to join the conversations on Twitter (#pluggedintour) and on our community forums.

    We’ll see you next at Rainy Day Games in Aloha, OR and in Toronto, ON at Snakes & Lattes!

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