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    Some more Pathfinder from Yorkton…

    Pathfinder: Dragon’s Delve Session 23

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    Lockhart wrote:
    Episode 23: The Final Guardians of the Fountain

    After exploring the last unknown area of Level Three (Which may or may not be reminiscent of genitalia), the group return to Level two to find the elusive passageway that will lead deeper into Dragon’s Delve. And something is waiting for them.

    This session contains the YGG using offensive language and giving rather immature remarks about mature and adult subjects. Discretion should be observed.


    Carter as the GM

    Paul as Azurne

    Kurtis as Trig

    Scott as Davor

    Vince as Milo

    Mike as Raven

    Intro music provided by

    Community Podcast Updated!

    Hal :hal:

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    Thank you Hal and Yorkton Gamers!

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    Thank you Hal & YGGernauts. 🙂

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