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    Gil, don’t be hard on yourself, your voice is fine. It’s distinctive and clear, and you speak decisively and whatnot. You don’t need to change a thing.

    And, this may just be the anime geek in me, but I think gil is refering to a pronunciation of the classic energy beam attack as pronounced more often in the original dragon ball series, whereas mr.monkey is thinking of how it was grunted out in Dragon Ball Z. Or I’m overthinking.

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    Oh Lockhart, you can never overthink enough!

    I have always heard the characters pronounce it like the Hawaiian word, rather than the syllabic breakdown. It might have just been the English dubs though. I notice that, on anime, a voice actor says the same word 2 or 3 different ways depending on the rhythm of the sentence and the movement of the mouth in the original animation.

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    In the Patron Area, Lockhart wrote:
    Yes, thank you for the shout-out Gilbert. And thanks to Hal, Lindsay and Gilbert for the awesome session. My various comments and notes are as follows:

    Gilbert: a final fantasy reference AND a pokemon reference? Somebody has been holding out on rpg experience Razz

    Nobody notices the innuendo when Hal says Darrus ‘fills up’ Mor’Kil? Very Happy

    What’s this? Gilbert can draw too?! Teeka in leather knickers?

    Rules-lawyer-ninja: Mage armor is one of those wonderful spells that has an hour/level duration. This means that if you’re heading into an area you think wil be dangerous, you can cast it in anticipation of combat, and chances are, unless you’re spending a very long time in the danger zone, you’ll be protected for pretty much the entire time, and won’t need to waste a turn in combat to cast it.

    Concentration: this area of the rules received a decent amount of update. The DC is 15+(spell level*2) and the bonus is equal to caster level+casting stat modifier+misc bonuses (combat casting as such). A failure uses up the spell as if cast, but does not provoke an attack of oppurtunity.

    Concerning the hold person aspect of the piper haunt, hold person let’s you make a new save each round to get out of it, so it’s not as dangerous. The father charleton however…I may need to steal that one for a game that I’m feeling particularly evil.

    One for Hal in favor of the monsters: can’t recall if this is a paizo revision or the way it’s always been, but the stirges blood drain at the end of their turn, including the turn they attach. Dunno if there are more stirges for this note to threaten the party. The ptolus group faced stirges the other night as well.

    You know, I just can’t make small posts like everyone else. Anywho, I think the larger exp division should balance out nicely with the small party size.

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    Wow love to play this game ^_^

    keep it up..


    Many people are finding that blowgun offer quite a challenging and fun sport.

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