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    I’ve got a friend rechecking the module for balance, althought I’ll release weather that’s done or not. Paul has graciously agreed to record dialog. He’s been busy the past few weeks, but I believe he’ll be available soon. I think he’ll send me a few samples. I’ll test and make sure integration goes smoothly then he’ll send the rest.

    After the dialog is in, I’ll post the module! 🙂


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    Maybe this an appropriate place to add a few of my favourite lines of dialogue from episode 14.

    On directions in a strange and mysterious dungeon:

    “We go left and up a bit”

    On the experience and knowledge you gain as a bold adventurer and dungeoneer:

    “The party has learned in a Pavlovian way not to touch anything.”

    “I grab it.”

    (incredulously) “You gonna grab it?”

    “I learned nothing.”

    “He’s a half-orc. Thank God for half-orcs.”

    On traps:

    “Three darts try to strike you.”

    “One hundred and eighty!”

    On appropriate targeting and threat assesment:

    “I’ll attack the one that’s snogging Ballazar.”

    On the best way to analyse new artefacts:

    “I search it! I detect magic!”

    “You don’t think it’s trapped.”

    “I sing!”

    “You sing. You don’t think it’s magical.”

    “I sing lounge songs!”

    On respect for the Dungeonmaster:

    “Nobody wants to listen to the Dungeonmaster – too much fun with Lindsay’s camera phone.”

    And finally, my personal favourite.

    On character location and marching order:

    “Ballazar’s not in the room. Ballazar’s never in the room. Nothing good happens in rooms.”

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    See these had me laughing out loud but the sessions were crammed full of these gems.


Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)
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