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    For all our our loyal fans of L5R, I’d like to take a moment a pull back the shroud that masks the product delivery and release schedule.  With Twenty Festivals nearing release, the announcement of the Spring 2015 Kotei Season, and everyone eagerly awaiting the release date so they can plan to participate in events or just ad to their collection, I thought this would be a great time to have this conversation with everyone.

    Twenty Festivals is a product we are excited about for the meaning it has to the Legend of the Five Rings CCG.  Twenty years for a card game to remain as a key player in the gaming industry is no small task, it’s a very short list to be on.  That is something we are all very proud of as a team.  Twenty Festivals has had it’s own set of unique challenges to bring it to fruition, but every set does.

    I thought I would discuss the known difficulties that any set faces, let alone specific problems that may crop up during the process.

    Many factors go into being able to accurately announcing release dates for our products.  While we strive to make the most accurate predictions possible we are presented with a plethora of potential obstacles during the process.  We try to provide players with the most accurate information regarding release, which has meant that we have waited until we have more specific information to share.  Getting the date right the first time we announce it our goal, instead of moving dates around during the lead up because of delays beyond our control.  The L5R team will be providing more updates to the players for all sets moving forward.

    Expansion Release Process:

    • We select a target release month for the product.
    • Product art and design is completed and approved for print submission.
    • Product scheduled to go to print 6 months before our intended release date.
    • We book a container – Container delivery times range from 6-12 weeks depending on port traffic.
    • Product arrives in port and takes 3-14 days to clear customs.  (Screening, paperwork, etc.)
    • Then it is delivered to AEG – Only at this time can we truly be certain of a  final release date and we need to take into account a few other things.
    • It usually takes 3 weeks for product to reach ALL distribution partners.
    • Product is then able to be shipped to stores, Stronghold Stores receive product two weeks prior to general release.

    So you can see from time the product is done until the time we can deliver the product there is a wide variance that is out of our hands.  As the product gets closer to us we can give a better window of time and then we can lock down the actual dates when the product is actually in our warehouse.

    So where is 20 Festivals right now?

    Yoritomo Matsuo


    February 16th, 2015 – Date expected to arrive in port.  Currently in transit via ship.

    February 27th, 2015 – Date expected to arrive in our warehouse, pending customs clearance

    Middle March, 2015 – Expected for Stronghold Store Release

    Late March, 2015 – Expected for General Release

    March, 27th 2015 – Tournament Legality

    What we can and will do better.

    Starting with this post we will keep you updated on each step of the process as we get closer to the final actual release date so you can make plans and prepare for events around these dates.  We hope that by providing this information you understand that it is all based on things out of AEG hands and we cannot make promises until the product has landed but we work every day.

    We hope this helps in the understanding of how these things work and why release dates cannot be firmed up.  We understand that even though dates are not yet final we can and will provide more frequent information regarding this and future set releases.


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