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    More Sundered Skies…

    Out of the Bag: Sundered Skies Session 04

    Filesize: 138MB

    Ross wrote:
    The party deliver there cargo, enjoy brawling and discover something nasty in the forest.


    Kai: “You give us everything!”

    Ross: “I’m a fair GM.”

    Kai: “I have seen several incidents where Max has pwned you in the GM’ing.”

    Ross: “…What?! No!!”

    “He said “poopsticle”! It’s like a popsicle, with…”

    “No, no, no! Don’t wanna know!”

    “But he’s always in my heart.”

    ”Oh, that’s why you can’t remember him.”


    “I don’t know if my back story should follow the storyline of Nightwing or Batman.”

    “Make your own up!”

    “If you tell me your back story and I recognize it as being from a comic, or if you TELL me it was from a comic, like you just did…!”

    “Shush your face, anyway.”

    “Do you live on a barnacle-ape infested island somewhere?”

    “And i had a butler, called… Alfredo.”

    “…And he became known as Darth Ape.”

    “As I grew up in the sewers, there was this rat…”

    “Did he teach you kung-fu, by any chance?”

    “He did, actually.”

    “It’s snowing, a very rare occurrence, and-”

    “OH MAI GAWD, what is it?! Is Gawd having dandruff problems?”

    “I’m not being delusional! I didn’t take that hindrance – oh wait, I did.”

    “So your background story is all in your head?”

    “My dad is Cpt Socrates.”

    “Cpt Socrates is REAL! That book was fake – no-one’s proved nothing yet!”

    “Oh mah gawd, we suck at bar-brawling!”

    “Kai was stupid enough to fall on his own knife – I am going to let him bleed.”

    “If you don’t heal me, next time you’re sleeping, when I’m watching you and-“

    “Wait, why do you watch me sleep?”

    “I enjoy it! I also sparkle.”

    “Oh yeah, Ross, remember the time when your devoted fan sent you those chocolate-covered scorpions?”

    “Why are you giggling?”

    “Okay, they’ve put yellow fruit colour in that …Kai has it all over his fingers.”

    “You are stupid!”

    “Kai? Kaiii? Hello, peek-a-boo?”

    “Pikachu is what you wanna call him.”

    “No! don’t call him that, he’ll come running.”

    “Take a fatigue level, you cheating little oik!”

    “My eldest son, Bradley, has walked in with half a pineapple, holding it by the leaves and gnawing the stump.”

    “You’re a looney-bin, you know that?”

    “Why is there always a clearing in the woods when battle go down?”

    “Crap, I’m covered in the stuff!”

    *sigh* “Do you want me to hoover you, Max?”

    “I’m gonna attack him!”

    “But you’re over there?”

    “You know, there’s these things I can use, called legs?”

    “Gosh, you urinate fast! …Don’t even wash your hands.”

    “A spell called Spoon Anger?!”

    “No, Soothe Anger.”

    “But we’re not hippies?”

    “Gentlemen! Please, some decorum – this is a junior game.”

    “We totally owned that guy.”

    “I’m gonna loot the elf.”

    “Have you ever had a mouldy orange in your hand? Did you go: “Oh mai gawd, we have to decontaminate it – before it gives us all rabies!”?”

    Community Podcast Updated!

    Hal :hal:

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    Another enjoyable appearance by Bradly thank you Little BAGers and Hal

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    in this house the aperanc of “the teanager” is seldom described as enjoyabul!!!

    thare yoer go fokes , the first 4 seshons. you will find a bunch more on the patrons end. we have recorded 18/19/20 somthing ish so far.

    also coming soon !

    Out of the Bag- below decks!

    Dilan GM’s a rather sureal mini seshon

    Ema runs an adventure she has brued up from scratch, whith notes and everything!

    Max takes the helm whith Wonderland no more!

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    this link is also fine

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