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    • Bullywug

    I’ll concede, something of a pattern is emerging.

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    • Owlbear

    You’re going to fit in well.

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    • Bullywug

    Such is the goal.

    Not to intentionally create more work for someone, but would it make possible to have a “Groups looking for player/s” version of this thread?

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    • Succubus

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure you don’t wanna make more work for someone — namely me 😀

    I’ll see what I can do. I’m relaxing on skype with Jess at the moment, I’ll get to it once she’s gone off to watch the Dolls’ House or some shit.


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    • Bullywug

    It seemed the polite thing to lie about not seeking to create work. Was it effective?

    No worries chap, whether it’s up today or a week from now, the difference is but a temporal frivolity.

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    • Gelatinous Cube

    Well, it was suggested I do this, so here I go.

    Name: Nathan

    Skype Name: dualshock71

    Time Zone: Eastern (GMT -5)

    Preferred Position: Player

    Preferred Style: Anything

    Preferred Genre/Game: Anything

    Good enough?

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    • Thri-kreen

    Now I’m here.

    Name: Zach Jackson (you say the whole thing)

    Skype name: zachjack77

    Time zone: Eastern (GMT -5)

    Preferred Position: Whatever your comfortable with… I mean Player

    Preferred Style: Anything

    Preferred Genre/Game: Anything

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    • Commoner

    I’m not sure if this thread is still used, but just in case il add myself 😛

    Name: Nebojsa Stojanov

    Skype name: nele1225

    Time zone: Central European (GMT +1)

    Preferred Position: Just started PnP, so…Player.

    Preferred Style: Anything

    Preferred Genre/Game: Any, but would like to try D&D 4e.

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    • Thri-kreen

    Eh, why not…

    Name: Dragonkin (or Erik)

    Skype Name: doompuppy

    Time Zone: CET (GMT +1)

    Preferred Position: Player for now

    Preferred Style: Anything really

    Preferred Genre/Game: Have a slight preference for fantasy, but will try anything

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    • Bullywug

    Name: Tamer B or Katheb

    Skype Name: tamerkmmb

    Time Zone: GMT +2

    Preferred Position: Player

    Preferred Style:Roleplaying

    Preferred Genre/Game: D&D Rolemaster

    PS: I never played before I am a complete beginner

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    • Bullywug

    Well here i go

    Name: Jake when i game

    Skype Name: gelade97

    Time Zone: Eastern (GMT -5)

    Preferred Position: Either don’t matter

    Preferred Style: Anything

    Peferred Genre/Game: Mostly Anything, but i prefer DnD 3.5

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    • Commoner


    Name: Solus (SM)

    Skype Name: solusrpg

    Time Zone: GMT (I live in England)

    Preferred Position: Mainly playing these days, but don’t mind GMing now and then, might even get into GMing regularly

    Preferred Style: Roleplay, descriptive, mis-en-scene; I also like rolling dice and hitting stuff 😀 , things with a good story and setting though is the main thing for me

    Preferred Genre/Game: Dark Fantasy, Horror, Sci-fi, cowboy/ wild west, wartime settings, high fantasy… anything really, see “preferred style” above

    I’ve played recently the following – Realmguard, Dogs in the Vineyard, MG Traveller, WFRP, D+D4e, CoC, Life with Master, Dying Earth, GW Judge Dredd, RuneQuest

    I also would be interested in playing Dragon Age, Mongoose Traveller, Mongoose Judge Dredd, Pathfinder, WFRP as well as any of the above. In fact, I will play anything at least once – I haven’t found a game that I really dislike yet!


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    • Commoner

    Ahh what the hell, why not.

    Name: Justin(Septin/Seppy)

    Skype Name: sirseptin

    Time Zone: GMT +10 hours

    Preferred Position: (Player/GM/Either): Mainly Player but can GM if needed

    Preferred Style: Roleplay or Adventure style(buckling of swashes and what not)

    Preferred Genre/Game: Fantasy but I’ll play anything.

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    • Commoner

    Name: Cody

    Skype Name: H_ng.M_n (Private messages will work best)

    Time Zone: GMT-7/8 (PDT/PST)

    Preferences: I’ll try anything.

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    • Orc

    Name: Michael

    Skype Name: Okaminokage (Pms work just as well)

    Time Zone: Eastern; GMT -5

    Preferred Position: Player

    Preferred Style: anything (depends on my character)

    Preferred Genre/Game: Sci-fi/fantasy/horror/mystery/ but I’ll try my hand at other tabletops.

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