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    Eh? Whe’d that come from then? Corrected >_<

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    Skype Name: noxley2525

    Time Zone:-7GMT(Mountain)

    Preferred Position: GM

    Preferred Style: Mixed

    Preferred Genre/Game:Savage World Fantasy over maptools and skype, looking for players, PM me here, msg me over skype or email death2all (at)

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    With my Fridays and/or Saturdays now sewn up with the PGs, I’d like to put out a call for a more irregular type of gaming experience.

    If anybody has the odd weekday/night free, I’d love to test out some indie games (free or cheap pdfs, yay!) or an informal campaign or two based on some of my favorite shows (Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, Charmed, ect).


    Skype Name: wildoneizzy

    Time Zone:-5 GMT(Eastern US)

    Preferred Position: Player (But I may take a shot at GMing)

    Preferred Style: Roleplay Heavy, Rules Lite

    Preferred Genre/Game: Anything cinematic in style with an eye toward storyline and character developement.

    Note: I work swing shift so, though I’m in the EST, my hours would probably be better aligned with another timezone if you’re a more traditional dayshift worker. Drop me a line at fictionalfemme AT or chat me up on Skype or MSN (wildoneizzy) if you see me on. 😛

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    For a long time now I have been wanting to make the following post:

    I would love to play a game of anything with any of the members of I might not want to play with some of you again, and might want to play with some more than others, but I’d definiately like to play a game of something with any one of you at least once.

    So here we go then.

    Name: Balgin Stondraeg (Raphael)

    Skype Name: I don’t have this skype thing (whatever it is)

    Time Zone: GMT (I live in England)

    Preferred Position: Either player or GM. I seem to end up GM’ing a lot so playing would be a nice break but I’d be happy to run stuff.

    Preferred Style: Roleplaying, combat, intrigue – anything exept powergaming and munchkin headspace. I can powergame if I need to but prefer not to (tending to enjoy the more fun things in life, and my games for that matter).

    Preferred Genre/Game: Anything that’s not Worlds of Darkness/White Wolf. I just really don’t like their depressing “we’ve all got to be evil monsters” attitude problem that’s designed to appeal to goths (who aren’t really goths because they aren’t a germanic tribe that smashed down rome).

    So I’m willing to tolerate anything but my preference would be for fantasy/pre renaissance historical rather than skiffy. Something I’ve really wanted to do for years is a viking game where all the characters are human and there are supernatural forces at work in the background but they’re so subtle the game could almost be historical.

    I know that when my computer died it meant I lost some contact details but I should be able to reinstall Trillian and get AIM, MSN and other stuff working again. I’d be willing to invest in a microphone if the rest of my family wouldn’t mind (since my computer’s near the living room so it couldn’t be too regular, and would have to not interfere with my headphones).

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    I haven’t used Skype for a while – didn’t think it worked in the uni – but I’ve got it running again, so here’s my details.

    Name: Robert Ruthven

    Skype Name: lostzeppo

    Time Zone: GMT

    Preferred Position: Either

    Preferred Style: Roleplay/Combat

    Preferred Genre/Game: Anime, horror, humor, sci-fi.

    It’s been a while since I did PbP, but if the right game crops up, I might be interested in playing.

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    Skype Name:Non yet, contact through PM

    Time Zone: GMT

    Preferred Position:Player/noob player

    Preferred Style: Roleplay/Combat

    Preferred Genre/Game: Forgotten Realms, Fantasy adventure.

    Only familiar with the Dnd 3.5 to the point where I have a rough idea what is going on. i.e. Need to roll a d20 then add your to hit mod, if its higher than the AC then you hit! Hurrah!

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    First post and I’m volunteering.

    Name:Paul Robertson

    Skype Name:Baersark

    Time Zone: GMT

    Preferred Position:Player/noob player

    Preferred Style: None, am willing to try anything. (Take that how you will 😉 )

    Preferred Genre/Game: None, see above.

    I’ll get my arse over to the introduction thread now and do a more ‘formal’ first post 🙂

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    • Treant

    Hi there 🙂

    Nice to see a new member all fired up and keen 😀

    Welcome to the forums. Now get your arse over to the Intro sectiom :whip:


    Hal :hal:

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    Oh shit! I need to update this!

    [edit] The damn thing broke on me when trying to post. Gonna try again later after I’ve got some audio done.

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    Name: Andy (It occurs to me that in D&D, my otherwise ubiquitous and unrelated nickname of DM is entirely unsuitable)

    Skype Name: DM501ofWrath (I needed more characters, so I decided to make it sound more Dungeons and Dragons’y)

    Time Zone: Neither plus nor minus. I occupy the hallowed region of this world deserving of that, purest of all, a 0.

    Preferred Position: Oh, the delightful euphemistic opportunities. I am agog with the potential. I’ll just say player though, for convenience’s sake.

    Preferred Style: I’m new, so I don’t really know. Probably more interested in the roleplay side of things, but I’ll be conservative and just say I’m willing to try anything (Twice. Cue lascivious wink)

    Preferred Genre/Game: I only really have proper knowledge of D&D 4ed, and some of Call of Cthulu. Some limited knowledge of D&D 3ed, and I’m willing to learn other systems.

    PS. I’m sorry, something about “Talk about yourself” posts turns me into an amateurish parody of a Carry On film.

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    DM501 wrote:
    Name: Andy (It occurs to me that in D&D, my otherwise ubiquitous and unrelated nickname of DM is entirely unsuitable)

    Fine! Then we shall name you…DEATHSHROUD! Arise Darth Shroudicus! Gp forth and DM!

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    InfernalDeathShroud, and you have a deal.

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    How about…’TossBucket’*? I think that fits 😀

    Danny :plot:

    * Just my sense of humour I mean no insult by it. 🙂

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    InfernalTossBucket, and you have a deal.

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    I’m sensing a theme…:wink:

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