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    With Whartstock creeping into view on the horizon, a return to our Devon campus, I’ve been looking for a game to run. The shelves are groaning with possibilities, but I want to use something I know everyone can enjoy; and that led me to thinking about the RPGs we play that always seem to deliver, the ones we come back to because they suit the most people and deliver a good time when required.

    That’s not to say that they are our favourite games – Savage Worlds annoys me for numerous reasons, for example, yet we’ve had great fun with it over the years – but when you need a game in a hurry, or to introduce new people, or for so many other reasons, these are the faithful old retainers.

    Mine’s probably Forgotten Futures, which several of the Whartson Hall team have run successfully. What’s yours? and why?

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    In all honesty it’s probably Over The Edge. It’s not the game I’ve played the most, but it has always worked for me. I’ve run it wit complete strangers playing pirates trying to go legit, I’ve used it for (Lovecraftian) horror in play-by-post, and for a wild west game.


    It’s my Old Faithful because it works for creating almost all sorts of characters without hardly any math. The stats are largely freeform, meaning that you get to define what Private Detective, Barbarian Chief or Zen Master means for your character. At the same times it isn’t heavily meta, so you get to play your character instead of making up a story about them (I like that too, but it is a sometimes food). 


    Lincoln Packard, Country Star

    It was his manager’s idea, really. No Mayo Clinic, no weepy face on no talk show. Just a plain old holiday. Well, not holiday really. Missionary work on some Mediterranean island no one’s ever heard of. A season of singing ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus’ to African ‘fugees and French degenerates. It could be worse, right? Could be a night of trying not to punch Jimmy Kimmel in the teeth. There’s fun to be had here in Al Amaja.

    Central Trait: “Raindrops on my windshield, teardrops on my steering wheel” (Superior) 4d
    Linc is to trucking songs what Camus was to defining the human struggle. He can open chasms in the human soul and fill it with meaning, just by playing his rendition of “A Tombstone Every Mile”. Even the most refined and upper-crusty person will want to take to the highway on eighteen wheels of dreams after hearing him.

    Grease-fired white trash constitution 3d
    Linc is a big husky guy who grew up on bacon, fist-fights and tire-changes in the mud. He is one tough hombre.

    Hunk 3d
    Linc looks good in demin and snakeskin boots. 

    Flaw: Easy living 1d
    Always feels like he needs a drink, a line of coke or a big Texas steak. Doesn’t work out anymore.

    Hit points: 21

    Experience dice: 1d

    Secret: He’s not stopped using.

    Important person: Red Sovine. The man is next to Christ himself.

    Motivation: Get back on track without giving up the sweet life of overindulgence.

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    “RPGMP3 site owner in shock revelation!”

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    Call of Cthulhu: the underlying BRP system is easy to understand, and horror never goes out of style.

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    Hero System. Roll 3d6 and get low. #nuffsaid 😉

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