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    Starting shortly (most likely tomorrow) I will be releasing an audio to the site one session per day 😀 The Patrons already have it and I am keen to get it out before the next BIG game begins properly 😀

    As some of you may be aware I now have a new gaming group here in Texas and we are going to be putting out some audio for y’all 😛 It is currently something I am writing which will be followed by something someone else has written 😀

    The audio I will be releasing shortly will be something that was recorded prior to leaving Bradford and has to be some of the best stuff we have done, I think the Patrons will back me up on that one!

    Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up. If it is OK with the folks that use it I will tag the new audio onto the Banewarrens podcast to save setting up a new one as there is only 6 session plus a character gen 😀


    Hal :hal:

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    Hal, if you keep spoiling the non-patrons like this it’ll just go to their heads.

    Haven’t you heard of keepint the proles down? 😉 😈

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    Thing wrote:
    Haven’t you heard of keepint the proles down? 😉 😈

    Crush there spirit damn it. Actually it is an excellent game and I am sure you will all really enjoy it.

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    And you jackholes get on my case about my typos…

    I’ll be in the den…

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