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    Hey all, I’ve been enjoying the podcasts for the last couple of weeks and thought I would join up and help out a little on the donation front.

    I haven’t played a pnprpg since the early 80’s when I was a pre-teen, and I found out later that we didn’t exactly follow the rules correctly. Anyway I was listening to another podcast (diggnation) and in one of the early ones a rpg podcast was mentioned (not by name though) by one of the hosts as being a podcast he listened to. A google search later and I found this site.

    I build cars for GM so my work days can be long and boring and podcasts like this one go a long way towards entertaining me during that time. The show has also rekindled my interest in the pen and paper side of RPG’s again and I placed an order for 3 of the rule books and the RPG dummies book to read during breaks in hopes of maybe getting back into the hobby.

    As far as the donation front goes I’d like to suggest something along the lines of a $2 a month recurring cancel anytime donation option. It is an option that another favorite podcast of mine has offered and I subscribed to.

    Guess I should have looked at the site a bit better as I see there is a monthly option already. 😳

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    Hi Rich & Welcome!

    I caught that Diggnation podcast as well and my ears pricked up when Alex Albrech mentioned a D&D podcast.

    The micro-donation option is proving popular, I’ve also got it on my own site, I’m guessing you’re referring to the TWiT cast which is one of my “must listens” – amazing what they can do with Skype.

    It’s great to hear that the audio on this site has helped re-kindle your interest, it’s neat to be involved in something that casn do that. Who would have thought since we accidentally started a few years ago?

    Let us know how your future games go and thank you very much for the donation it all helps, especially since RPGMP3 has recently had to double it bandwidth requirements (again)!

    BTW, has anyone managed to look at that new Dummies book yet?

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    Welcome to rpgmp3. Post on the forums alot. We get bored and lonely.

    I would love to do the 2$ a month thing. College is not going to be nice to my wallet, but 2$ is a great amount for my budget.

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    Welcome Rich!

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    Glad that RPGMP3 caught another one! This site is the reason I regained my interest in RPG’s too. Welcome aboard.

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