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    File Name: Necessary Evil Session 05

    File Submitter: LightPagoda

    File Submitted: 25 Apr 2013

    File Category: Savage Worlds

    Genre: Super Hero

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    The crew is tasked with investigating a resistance cell which has gone silent. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Also, I got Becky some color coded dice to help her figure out which dice to roll. Does not work as well as intended.

    Click here to download this file

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    Thanks for sharing this, OotAKu Gamers. It’s shaping up to be another highly entertaining campaign from youse guyses,

    So by the sound of it, you must have recorded this episode right after the Mayan Apocalypse at the end of 2012, yeah?

    And Patrick is right: an asteroid passing by the Earth at a distance of 36 feet would have been a very close call. 😉

    Becky certainly gets teased a lot – but that’s only fair, considering that she always gets her revenge on you guys in the end. 😉

    Becky: “Aw, crap! I hate it when things puff up bigger than I had anticipated.” 🙁
    James: “Allergic reaction?”
    Becky: “No, the cookies on this cookie sheet are glomming togethe-“
    Jayson: “I have the perfect comment, but I can’t use it, ’cause she’s my sister.” 🙁
    Patrick: “That look on her face just spells out: ‘Eff you, Jayson.'” 😛

    You also have so many wonderful remarks that are just as horrible when used in context, as they are as non sequiturs. For example:

    Jayson: “If it’s good enough for corporations, it’s good enough for date rape!”

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    Are you really going to start every episode having to steal a new van for transport? 🙂 Couldn’t you have spent some character points to get a permanent van of some kind?

    Jayson: “We steal a van, towing a trailer with another van.”
    Eric: “That means I have THREE things to throw!”

    You mentioned during the session that the Necessary Evil book only has a few extra Edges, most of them are in the core Savage Worlds rulebook. What about flaws?

    Brainbot’s compulsion to gloat and deliver evil monologues is very effective at adding some classic supervillain flavor to the game.

    It was particularly amusing during the massive alien ambush, where the team was forced to run away and plot their revenge another day, but Brainbot’s compulsion wouldn’t let him do anything unless he delivered an evil soliloquy, which ended in “Fools! You-shall-rue-the-day-you-made-Brainbot-run-away!” 🙂

    Did you find that flaw in the core book, or did they come up with all the special villainous character drawbacks in the Necessary Evil book?

    Brainbot is the most entertaining character in the group bar none, probably because he is the most over-the-top, scenery-chewing cartoon villain of them all.

    All the other characters have a touch of “tragic/fallen hero” about them, which makes sense, since one of the main problems with the campaign is that you’re supposed to be villains, yet you’re required to act like heroes and save the human race from the alien oppressors.

    (An issue that @[member=”BigJackBrass”] has already addressed several times in the Whartson Hall playthrough of this, which you no doubt already know – there’s been several references to that game sprinkled throughout your audio).

    Brainbot is just a classic Bond villain, no holds barred.

    There are so many excellent scenes where Brainbot ends up hogs all the attention:

    Such as the other party members trying to plug a USB 4.0 connector into one of his ports, which turns out to be an exhaust that Brainbot uses to defecate model airplanes; or when another Omega cell member is forced to share a room at a Best Western with Brainbot, who sleeps hanging upside-down from the ceiling, playing soundbites from old movies on repeat all night as a Home Alone-style burglar deterrant. 🙂

    Have you listened to the Thistledown Gamers’ HERO System campaign? One of the characters has a magic cloak that lets him slip in and out of reality, and whispers sweet sanity-blasting nothings in his mind. Sound familiar? 😉

    Well, time to go relisten to your Traveller campaign, and find out whether Jayson was correct in claiming that the ‘Dunny and Lord Byron in Prison: The Dropped Soap Episode’ was gayer than the ‘Manslaughter, the Three-Armed Killing Machine, Spooning An Unconscious Guy To Death’ episode. 🙂

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    Ya, Brainbot was fun to play even if I couldnt stay in the Dalek style voice for very long in any given session.  The requirement to monologue is indeed from one of the Necessary Evil Hindrances.  (Major) Gloater, basically the first round of combat must be a monologue and the character cant finish off an opponent, he can only create a deathtrap then walk away or leave it to minions.  That alone didnt require him to be as over the top as he was.  I enjoyed playing him as a villain who was not just genre aware, but enjoyed playing to the genre.  It is a huge part of his character that he enjoys playing to the villainous stereotypes.  Its all one big larp as far as he is concerned. If you enjoyed him I think you will enjoy Black Mamba from our Dresden file game when that filters through to the uploads.  I dont think any npc since the customs inspector in Traveler has inspired such immediate murderous rage on the part of the players.

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    …I think you will enjoy Black Mamba from our Dresden file game when that filters through to the uploads.  I dont think any npc since the customs inspector in Traveler has inspired such immediate murderous rage on the part of the players.

    Kyle Dark from the lost Vampire sessions flips Black Mamba the horns sign and strikes a power chord on his air guitar.

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    Hey @[member=”LightPagoda”] – have you seen this article? Rise of Brainbot, perhaps? 😉

    This poor woman in the Netherlands had a bone disorder that caused her skull to continuously thicken, pressing on her brain — so the doctors had a copy of her cranium made out of plastic on a 3-D printer, cut off the top of the skull, and replaced it. It worked, and she’s apparently feeling much better now. So the medical result was awesome.

    But awesomer?


    It was made out of transparent plastic. Now the doctors, of course, covered it up with her scalp and neatly stitched it all together so you can’t even see a scar anymore, but I was thinking, if I had it done, the best thing would be to simply remove all that skin and have my brain pulsing beneath a transparent dome. I’d even pay extra to have some LEDs inserted in patterns in the plastic. Can you imagine how cool it would be to teach neurobiology with your brain hanging out, decorated with little blinking lights?

    Maybe someday. A guy can dream.

    Here’s a video of the procedure.

    Wow, but her skull was really thick. She would have been a master of the Glasgow Kiss, I think.


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