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    I hope you all have a good Christmas!


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    Yeah, whatever. 🙂

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    Happy holidays all!

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    Cob, Lisa, and Kaden Christmas 2004


    Merry Christmas !

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    Cute Picture 😀

    I am currently sat here trying to get the Xmas Special up and running (rude though it be – offensive though it most certainly is). I have the flu (as does Lindsay) and I am working Christmas Day 🙁

    Thankfully, our friends are holding off Christmas dinner until I can get home and Lindsay and myself are having a nice “just us” dinner on Christmas Eve (where presents shall be opened).

    Just wanted to say, Happy Holidays to you all and thanks for the support this year. I hope to have a lot more for you next year 😀

    Merry Christmas

    Hal 🙄

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Champaign IL. Maybe you’ll escape the WLD sometime in 2005.


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    Wow… its kind of late but…

    Merry Christmas All!

    I would have said it sooner, but I have been arguing with my friends lately over different things in D20 CoC. Heh, I did learn a lesson though, while explosions harm blood vortexes (such as frag gernades) it is best to think about where you are before using them. Using a frag gernade to kill shaddow tree thingys outside of a house while they are by your model T, is a bad idea. It cost us much in repairs, oh yes, and using them on a boat to kill blood vortexes. Bad idea, expecially when your GM drew up the plans for the ship on white board and you didn’t realize that right under that room was your model T and because of your horrid roll it broke through the floor sinking the ship, along with your model T.

    Its hard staying lawful good in that game.

    And not to be advertizing, but my roleplaying forums have grown quite active lately, and I’m offering anyone from this forum who wants to try it out a “honourary guest” position in which you can check it out. And if you like it I’ll make you full members =) And I hope to be more active on these forums, but my mistress is busy trying to get me to be in six different forum roleplays at once. Which is quite annoying.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! If you wish to try the thingy above PM me =)

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