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    Just as there are millions of colors when it comes to flowers, there are several types of techniques when it comes to the art of giving a massage and massage therapy. Massaging is the oldest and possibly the most popular treatment for alleviating day-to-day stress, anxiety and body aches. Where many people revert to sleeping pills and painkillers to after a stressful day, many prefer dropping into a spa and receiving a soothing massage – a more natural, holistic approach.

    As there are thousands of civilization and kinds of people, there are varieties of massaging techniques. Even though we can’t attend to every technique that is out there in the world, we can do discuss the most popular ones with you.

    Usually massaging is done on the skin surface, but a type of massaging exists which concentrates more on the muscles and tissues that lies below many layers of skin; this is called a deep tissue massage. To reach the tissues and muscles beneath the skins surface is not possible without the application of pressure. Pressure is usually applied using fingers, fists elbows and sometimes even feet. This technique is usually used to address muscle fatigue from sports for example.elilmiynktion

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