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    Pamper massages are related to relaxation and stress reduction massages. The goal is very similar, which is to reduce the stress of the client. The locations do differ slightly. Beauty salon’s are now in play, as many pamper massages are administered at this location. We also have the old standby locations, such as spas and a clients private residence. The biggest difference between a pamper and a relax/stress massage is in the tools used and the perception given. Pamper massages are usually sold as “new age” style healing. To help enforce this idea new age music is sometimes played, exotic oils are used and sometimes we may even see some oddities, such as pieces of wood! Whether or not all of these additions are helpful or merely marketing is usually a fierce debate with the massage therapy community.

    Chiropractic Adjunct Massage

    This is one of the more difficult positions to obtain in massage therapy. A chiropractic adjunct is a therapist that has teamed up with a chiropractic office in providing care for clients. Massages given at this location are usually focussed upon specific body parts, as outlined by the chiropractor (by written outline for insurance purposes). The outline will also include a time outline, and acceptable pressure levels. The reason that this position is so difficult to obtain and is highly sought after is due to the high level of pay. Most massage therapy do give a high percentage of their per massage pay to the chiropractor but the constant flow of work and the very high rates (typically $150 – $200 a session) help to offset some of the expenses.elilmiynktion

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